Show and Tell: PROM

Prom was so much fun - especially being from a small town. I feel like the entire high school was there and we just had a fun night with all of our friends. We followed some fun traditions... 

  1. Juniors hosted prom for Seniors - they picked everything from the theme to the colors to the official prom song
  2. Junior year we spent two whole days decorating for the big night
  3. Prom was always hosted in our "cafetorium"; you know the cafeteria/auditorium combo
  4. Where you went to eat kind of made a statement... my freshman year one of the guys' parents cooked for us - best steak of my life; sophomore year we went to a "members only" restaraunt, but only after the guys convinced us we were going to Applebee's and Jenni got really angry which is ironic because she hated the food at the club and would have probably loved a chicken finger basket with honey mustard; we travelled out of town my junior year to a place called Frank's where we dined on chicken fried steak; my senior year we went to another "members only" place and I can't even remember the name

 There is nothing like a walk down memory lane... ESPECIALLY when the lane includes 90s prom pics. I don't need to give any further introduction... enjoy!!!

Nineteen Ninety-Four

Thank the lord that I thought to organize my prom pictures so well. Each year I put them in a little photo album for a quick "grab and go" review. I even labeled the albums just in case I couldn't remember the year.

I tried to play it cool that I was going to prom as a freshman (see below) but the truth was I WAS SO EXCITED! I lucked out and broke up with my boyfriend before prom and my friend, Jason asked me to be his date. 

I mean. 

Lucky. Jason.

In case you didn't notice... that's a red dress, with red panty hose and red shoes. I am also wearing red lip stick and red nail polish. I probably also had on red undies. 

True story: the shoes cost more than the dress. My momma really really loves me. 

And y'all. I'll be honest. If I could fit my booty in that dress again, I'd TOTALLY wear the red pantyhose and red shoes. 

The deal was that if I went to prom, I had to also wake up to go to 8am mass. This is how excited I was about that. Also I am wearing my brother's shirt. Because I was clearly on the edge of fashion trending. 

Nineteen Ninety-Five

This started the year of double dating with the bestie and her boyfriend (now husband). I went with the guy mentioned above that I had broken up with. We got back together. And broke up. And got back together. And broke up. 

If I ever wondered where I came up with crazy picture ideas, well... let's just say I got it honestly. Conversation in car:

Mom: Girls y'all look so pretty
Dee: You sure do
Mom: We should go take pictures
Dee: Oh, look....FLOWERS!
Mom: screeeeeeeccccchhh 
Me and Jenni: Ummm... we're in tshirts and shorts.
Them: Get out and take a picture.

(Yes, we put the flowers in our mouths).

I went with the understated blue sequin, nude pantyhose and dyed shoes. You know the ones you could get a Payless and dyed to match anything at all. Yep.

I mean, straight out of a prom magazine.

As if we weren't obnoxious enough - we had to snap a cheerleader picture. Sophomores that aren't going to prom got voted to serve as prom ushers by the upperclassmen. It was a huge privilege and that's why Katy and Kati are wearing tuxes - they were ushers. 

Nineteen Ninety-Six

If I had to pick a least favorite dress - this was it. 

I mean, I loved it at the time but looking back it was missing something. Like matching shoes. 

And yes, Jenni and I really did have dates to all these events. We just have more fun taking pictures together. I also didn't ask her permission to post all of these pics. Luckily there are far worse ones I could use, so she won't mind too much.

Nineteen Ninety-Seven



And not just because we were seniors.

It was the best because... look how cutting edge we were!!

In case you couldn't tell - those are pants which means we were rocking rompers well before they became trendy. We actually tried them on as a joke because who would possibly wear PANTS to prom?


If I would lose 45 pounds I could wear this every year for Halloween and dress up like I Dream of Jeanie. 

And to prove we really did have dates... here's a super artsy crooked pic that Pops took.

See... dates.

Okay, well at least they had dates!!


This picture still cracks me up 20 years later! Jennifer's hair was so big that it blocked Jeffrey's head from the picture!! HAHAHA! 

Goodness, I can't wait to see more prom pics! Thanks for such a fun link-up, Andrea!


  1. Oh man how did I miss this one?!? How fun, were only allowed to go to one prom and that was senior year. You only graduated a year before me...you were way trendy, full disclosure I still have my prom dress, would be awesome if it still fit, haha. Dying your shoes to match...I would have loved that back then!!!

  2. Your post is SO funny!! The red pantyhose made me laugh but the dyed shoes to match the dress made me laugh even harder because we ALL did it!

  3. Love everything about this post! #fashiononfleek :) happy link-up

  4. How fun! I agree the pants are great and the cutout in that dress is awesome!

  5. This is awesome. I love the rompers!! Ha!! That's so funny you went out to eat before your prom! Ours included dinner haha - not sure how fancy it actually was but at the time I remember thinking it was just amazing!

  6. Wow, woman in red! I actually like that romper outfit.