Royally Waiting: Linkup #5?


I've already lost count of our weeks.

I feel like that's an EXCELLENT sign.

So glad to have y'all back with Shelly, Holly and me for this Royally Waiting link-up. I love that it's totally a choose-your-own-adventure because everyone decides to share so many fun things each week! Keep it up friends!


I have the awesome privilege of working alongside some of the brightest, kindest, most caring and compassionate humans in the world. Last week we three women of influence got to share our heart with 300 freshmen Aggies. We talked about the 4 types of leaders you can encounter and become on your journey and how you need to be ready to be any and all of them no matter what hand you are dealt. Such a fun evening spent with them!


I had a hard weekend last week. Three pretty major potential life changing events happened to me within oh, 18ish hours. It involved a person falling asleep at the wheel (Ryan) and luckily being ok, a health scare of a family member, and another unfortunate situation that has us on our knees. Which anytime that happens, we have to be grateful, right? He calls us to pray and pray we shall. (feel free to join in!)

I was a mess and took two mental health days. When I finally got back to work, I let two of my students in on what is going on because I believe in being transparent and if we are a team (and we are) then they have the right to know when I'm not going to be on my A game. I came back to the office for above speech giving to find this. 

Cue all the tears. 


By the pool. 

On a Thursday.

With wine.


Ryan and the kids got me a membership to a local spa. This gets me one free half hour massage/month; a 10% discount on all services and free access to their pool, sauna, steam room + all the snacks and beverages I can enjoy. 

What good is this gift if I never use it?

I have committed to taking an evening for my the third Thursday of the month. Want to join me? We can have a little virtual "me time" party and just use #thirdthursday

Who's in??


Friday afternoon my students hosted a meal-packing event that prepped and shipped over 27,000 meals that will be sent to Haiti and Syria. Lord knows that they need them. So humbled to be part of this life giving event and so proud of all that my students do to selflessly give back. They raised over $5000 to make this happen!

Later, the bestie and I served up a clearly nutritious meal ourselves. We like to call it - "Literally every left over we have in each of our houses plus cereal but no milk because we ran out". 

You should try it. Not one complaint. 


Like this. Radley and I just HAD to finish Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince and since the girls can't watch them - they got a movie night with Dad. This is how we found them.


18 years together this Thursday. 

After all that time, the flame's still burning.


A 2fer post with the recipe for this homemade laundry detergent...


(Yes, all caps were necessary).


down a tree! An entire tree. A WHOLE FREAKING TREE in our front yard.

Ryan did this alone. 


And as much as we hated to chop down a perfectly good tree because #oxygen, those roots were creeping up to the house, killing all the grass and just became an all around nuisance. 

I sent him a text and asked if he felt like a manly man?

His reply:
Yes. Grizzly.

Royally Waiting... 

On Friday because... 

Gah! The kids are going to be so stinking excited! Just like we are when you link up, share your stories and spread the love! What are you waiting for?? Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Congrats to 18 years! So what do you do for a living? Do you work at the college? I am looking for a change and was thinking about going to the college level. You seem to have fun and I need more of that! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I work at Texas A&M as a leadership educator. I assist students in their co curricular education through advising student organizations, serving on campus committees and everything in between. Really is the best job!

    2. I may have to check this out at our local colleges! Thanks!