Ryan was home all last week - he had planned a random vacation week to get things done around the house. He managed to cut down an entire tree, install a dishwasher, have an electrician come give us some estimates on new fixtures before his body noticed that he wasn't working 18 hour days away from home and then completely shut down. He ended up getting sick and spending a day and a half in bed. Asleep. Not getting to his to do list. (And y'all - I PROMISE - it was HIS to do list).

(I have learned my lesson - I quit making all the lists for him because, well, you can figure out why.)

(But I was still annoyed at the powers that be that his VACATION week was interrupted with two sick days.)

Without trying to sound like a big baby - I will say that I had to rely on a lot of prayer to keep my mood as positive as I could. I definitely threw a few adult fits about the whole thing. Totally not his fault that he got sick, but I find staying positive to be difficult when life seems to throw so many curve balls our way.

Especially because neither one of us are good at baseball.

(Well, I'm decent.)

Okay - back to what you came for - a glimpse at our week...

On Monday he chopped down an entire tree.

And as sad as it is to see a perfectly good tree on the ground, the sidewalk and foundation of our home are already thanking me and the grass will be so happy without all those giant roots killing it off. 

On Tuesday during dance, we were joined by this darling bunny outside. He was so very unafraid of us - Emersyn and Radley both almost touched him. I'm glad they didn't because they probably could have talked me into taking him home.

Wednesday Ryan was in bed all.day.long. while I was enjoying the car line vibes. 

I need to get out and walk around campus more often because every time I do, I discover fun things like this...

Our MSC graduate assistants passed their oral comprehensive exams so I did what any good supervisor would do and bought them each a beer. Gig.them.

We got to snag sweet Sage after school and bring her with us to go bowling for the 3rd grade silent auction winners. The teachers of each grade offer an experience that kiddos can big on - 3rd grade teachers spend an afternoon bowling and pay out of pocket. 

These kiddos had a blast!

Friday Emersyn had dance pictures - how CUTE ARE THEY!?!?

Saturday was Family Weekend which is one of my favorite days each year. I LOVE meeting parents and families and hearing about students when they were young. I'm reminded each year how lucky I am to work with the students I do and so I also love getting to brag on them to their parents and loved ones. 

As soon as that was over, we got Landry dressed and headed to take her recital pics@

(Because of course they were on two different days).

Saturday night we got to celebrate an oldie but a goodie - Josh turned FORTY! I'm still not sure how that has happened but I am ever-so-grateful that we've gotten to celebrate his last twenty years of birthdays. Ryan got him the most amazing kite which was hysterical. One day in college these guys came home with kites and went to the park for an afternoon of kite flying. I really wanted to get him a kite of the month club membership but y'all - THAT DOESN'T EXIST!!


We had the best time just hanging out together almost like we were all back in college again.

All too soon the week was over. We had the best weekend with the only bad part being that it had to end. Tomorrow sure is going to be hard when Ryan starts his week over again. We really miss him. More than I can explain. I wish we had the answer, I wish it was easy. I wish a job would just plop in our laps for him to take but until he can find a job we are doing our best to make the best of just real crummy situation. But we don't. 

So instead we'll keep living the best we can and celebrate the small with the big. 

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