A Bounce in your step...

I am so glad to report that the last few days have brought little glimpses of fall weather! Whew! Now, I am as proud as any Texan and really do love and appreciate the warm weather... but I have to admit that I am so thankful for the cool breeze that is blowing in.

I always feel like I have an extra bounce in my step when the fall hits.

Maybe it's because the humidity has died down a bit and my hair stays straight or curled depending on my style choice of the day. Like any good Texan girl, I have an arsenal of aerosol hairspray and the humidity really doesn't allow these products to live up to their full potential.

Maybe it's because I feel like I am justified in buying that Pumpkin Spice Latte that Starbucks is known for.

Maybe it's the smell, sites and sounds of football season. Even if our season isn't going "as planned" just knowing that Friday/Saturday/Sunday night lights are happening makes me reminiscent of some fun memories.

Maybe it's the crackle of the leaves as I walk in my black knee high boots (or was that the crackle of my knees in my old age?).

Maybe it's that Thanksgiving is around the corner which brings some rest and relaxation before the rushed Holiday Season.

Maybe it's my "go to" sweater.

Maybe it's cozy movie nights with my favorite company.

Maybe it's that election day has come and gone and I don't have to see one more campaign commercial or hear one more voicemail telling me who I should vote for.

Or maybe it's because someone else put it there with her laughter and love. Her cuddles and coos. Her smiles and sighs. And the bounce that she has all on her own....

UPDATE: I would like to apologize for my voice in this video. Ha... I guess Moms do some crazy things to get little ones to smile! Enjoy her cuteness!

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