One big happy family...

So remember when I recapped our visit from the "California Guercio's"? I mentioned that we took some family photos with the ever-so-talented Miss Sarah Giles.

Oh. My. Gosh. I am so pumped about these for several reasons:

1. We all wore what we were comfortable in. No trying to be matchie matchie... just ourselves so you really get to see each family's personality
2. Heavens we have some precious kids
3. MaMaw and the Great Grandbabies
4. The candidness of some of these shots... it was a reshoot due to rain the previous day and we then the WIND was outrageous during this
5. GiGi and Pops with the grandbabies
6. The original Guercio 5
7. Sarah's ability to know just what we were looking for without even saying it
8. Precious memories frozen in time

Enough of me... take a look for yourself...

How cute is Owen?!?!

These two shots (above and below) are just priceless. Radley so wants to be like Owen and Owen TOWERS over him.

Love this.

How cute are Jeremy and Bonnie?

The whole group. Please note the following: the outrageous wind, Radley's face, and my pants! In my best Chandler Bing: Could this BE any more perfect!?!

I mean... there are no words!

I bet I know someone who will want a big 11x14 of this one...

Okay, this may be my favorite of the day. We had the idea to all wear our favorite shoes and then just get our feet.

Mom: barefoot
Dad: tennis shoes
Ryan: Flip flops
Katy: Target specials
Emmy: barefoot
Owen: boots
Sonya: boots
Jody: boots
Bonnie: flip flops
Radley: Lightening slippers
Jeremy: golf shoes

Siblings. ;)

Just us five.

The "kids". We were supposed to make angry faces. Jeremy and Jody never were any good at following directions.

Giving MaMaw dinosaur kisses!

How sweet is this? Melts my heart!


A happy crew!

I love my family!

Especially this silly guy...

Thanks, Sarah! You did it again! I'm almost positive that my mom is crying right now... so, friend, job well done! :)

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