Tiny Tales Thursday...

How young is too young to date? I remember very well that I chased Craig Schwartinsky down in the playground in kindergarten and kissed him smack on the mouth. I also remember really liking story time in the library because I got to hold Craig's hand (and sometimes Wayne Blackburn's too)!

A few weeks ago, we did get some rather alarming reports that Radley and some girls in his class were caught kissing... a lot. Well, in our house I feel that Radley has to be AT LEAST seven to have a girlfriend. Emmy is required to wait until a much later age to start dating... we have not yet determined that age.

This weekend, Radley informed me that he had a special someone in his life:

Radley: I love you, Mommy.
Me: I love you, too, Buddy.
Radley: I love Daddy, too.... he's my boy friend.
Me: Smiling to self at the thought of telling this story when he is 18 Really? Well, am I your girlfriend?
Radley: NO! (rather annoyed that I'm not paying attention) You're EMMY's girl friend!
Me: Ok... (now, that we have it figured out) Well, if Daddy is your boy friend and I'm Emmy's girl friend, then what is Uncle Pete?
Radley: He's my boy friend, too

Hopefully, we have a few more years until we really have to talk about the birds and the bees.

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