My little pony...

What? You thought this was going to be a post about a 1980s iconic toy?


Did you think that Ryan and I decided to risk it all and become a ranch family?


Instead, this post is dedicated to what I believe may be even more important to a woman (or at least me) than any little black dress.....

The ponytail.

I honestly don't know what I would do 97% of the time if it weren't for the ponytail. My hair is so trained that if I didn't blow it dry after a shower it would automatically form itself into a ponytail.

I've tried having short hair (circa 2003-2005) and just didn't work for me. Too many products, too many accessories, too many attempts at styling my coif only to be disappointed because I couldn't just throw it up into a ponytail.

The pony has saved my life on more than one occasion...

  1. Dance recitals
  2. The leaf blower incident of 1991 when I was trying to help Dad in the yard. If my hair wouldn't have been in a pony then I would have lost more than just 3 inches
  3. Cheerleading
  4. Prom (ummm, yes. I did forgo a "frenchtwist" for an upside down frenchbraided pony tail, thank you very much).
  5. Working out (again, circa 2007 when I went to the gym)
  6. Work
  7. Play
  8. You name it and the ponytail has saved me!
The beauty about a ponytail is that you can dress it up or dress it down. Casual/formal it doesn't matter... you still look good and your hair is out of your face. I would have worn a ponytail the day I got married if my Mom and friends would have let me.

I just love them. They are cute and fun or sexy and formal. The pony can be straight, curled, messy or mod.

Clearly, I could go on and on about the magic of a ponytail, but I won't. I will save you from my dissertation ready post regarding the benefits of such a style choice.

Instead... I will let you see why ponytails should be celebrated....


Can you stand it? I mean, how ridiculously cute is she?!?!

Oh, Lord help me! And PLEASE let her have a tougher head of hair than I. Because while I love a ponytail now, I can remember many fits and tears endured when my precious Momma would fix my hair.

Emmy, may you love the gift of long, thick hair as much as I do. And when you don't... always know that you, too, can rely on the trusted ponytail! :)


  1. super cute! girls are so much fun!!

    and dude. you just made me re-think chopping my hair off tomorrow!! my hair FINALLY fits into a ponytail- and it's ALWAYS in one...and i was all prepared to cut it all off tomorrow...now i'm not so sure!!! :/

  2. lol! You are a funny mama! Love the blog and glad this time I opened it I remembered to hit "follow" so I'll be able to find my way back more often! xo
    PS The kids are EXTRA cute.