Tiny Tales Thursday

Radley got rather fond of informing me that I had a baby in my belly while I was still pregnant. Towards the end he also liked to tell me to "take her out, Mommy."

Well, my friend, Amber, and I were hosting a dinner last week and she is 7 months pregnant. Radley was excited that "Miss Amber" was coming over; however, I forgot to inform him that she was having a baby.

Amber: walking in door Hello??
Radley: Miss Amber!! seeing belly You have a baby in your belly!!!
Amber: Yes, yes I do.
Radley: Mommy had a baby in her belly, too.
Radley: But she came out.
Radley: And then pooped her pants.

And that is parenting in a nutshell!!

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  1. SO thankful for you and these awesome tales, friend. Happy Thanksgiving!