Happy Monthday....

Happy Five Month Birthday, Emersyn!!!

What have you been up to this month?

You continue to be a bundle of joy! You make everyone around you smile with your sweet coos and easy demeanor. You truly are a sweet and easy going baby and love to be loved on. We can't help but want to snuggle and hug!

You are growing more and more each day and getting cute little rolls in your legs and even have dimples in your knees. I would guess that you weigh over 13 pounds now. You started eating rice cereal and loved it at first but have now decided that it is a bit bland for your liking. We will start fruits and veggies this week and I can't wait to see how you will like them!

You still wear size 1-2 diapers and size 3-6 month clothes.

I think you are starting to cut some teeth because you love to chew on any and everything! Especially your "dots" and your hands.

You are starting to really like being in your bouncer and jump up and down and talk to the lights. You want in the action and are getting rather nosy. Feeding you has become an interesting task since you seem to get distracted by noise, lights, or big brother.

You still love your feet and will play with them for a long time. You prop them on everything and just sit and look at them. When you are on your back you always have at least one in the air if not both and will grab at them and just talk away.

You smile at just about anything and LOVE attention... especially from Radley. Anytime he gets near you an instant smile spreads across your face. You have developed the cutest giggle and will laugh so loud when we tickle your tummy.

You LOVE your big girl bed and had no problem with the move to your own room. Our nighttime routine is bath, eat, bed. Sometimes you fall asleep while you are nursing and other times I rock you to sleep. No matter what I cherish these sweet moments because you are growing so fast!

Tomorrow is your first day at school and I know that you will do just fine but I'm still sad to think that you won't be at home (and so is KK). Radley is excited that you will join him and assures us all that he will look after his little sister!

We love you sweet girl!

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