First day of school...

I always loved the first day of school. The excitement of seeing all your friends. Catching up on the summer gossip. Picking out the perfect outfit. Debuting your new purse/backpack/hairdo. Taking that picture in front of the front door.

Well, the tradition continues because yesterday was Emmy's first day of "school"! Her spot finally opened up. This time around was definitely easier than with Radley. Partly because I know what to expect and partly because we had such a great transition period with KK.

However, it's never easy to know that someone else gets to spend 40+ hours each week with YOUR kids. I find myself asking over and over again, "What am I doing!?!?" Why am I letting someone else love on my kids? Shouldn't I be at home making Rice Krispie treats, having storytime, building forts and play hide and seek?

And then I remember what a good mom I get to be BECAUSE they go to school. I remember that I love them enough to send them out there to make friends and learn and laugh and grow and play. I remember that my love isn't measured by whether or not I work but how much attention and love I give them when I am with them.

Working Moms out there... be proud of what you do! Know that you are setting an example each day to your kids about the value of your work and the commitment you give to having a job, running a household and raising your kids. SAHMs... be proud of yourself, too! We each do what works for us and no matter what kind of mom you are... the job is tough!

Daddy and Mommy just had to take pics with our little school girl! How adorable is this outfit?!? Thanks, Lola for the perfect thing to wear!

Sending two off is a lot tougher logistically. There is so much stuff!! Lunches, change of clothes, nap mats, cups, milk, diapers... oh yeah... and the children all have to fit in the car!

I'm glad that Ryan is used to lugging large boxes around all day! No way I could manage this on my own! He usually does the drop off shift by himself but I had to go and take pictures. And look at little man, Radley helping carry his sister. With that expression you would think he was doing it all alone!

Radley was so happy to be the big brother that gets to drop off his little sister at school. Favorite quote of the day, "Don't worry, Momma, I look out for my baby sister."

As you can see, the bow didn't last very long. :)

We really like her teachers and know that she is in great hands! Miss Gina, Miss Yvonne, Miss Jennifer, and Miss Mary watch out for our little girl and give her lots of love!!

Radley insisted on us taking a picture of him in his classroom, too! :)

Emmy did great on her first day. She didn't nap as well as she does at home but that's expected since the environment is completely different. She ate a little less, too but Radley did the same thing the first few weeks of school when he was a baby.

I'm really pleased with how the first two days went. And I must admit, I feel a lot better knowing that she's going to school on Church Avenue! :)

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