Tiny Tales Thursday

The other day Emmy and I were home alone so I put in a Baby Einstein video for her to watch while I cleaned up around the house. (Yes, I'm THAT parent... sometimes.)

Ryan and Radley returned before it was over so of course Radley wanted to watch as well. It was almost the end so I said he could finish it and then we would get ready for bed.

Well, I forgot that Baby Einstein videos play 3 times. Once in English, once in French and once in Spanish.

The video began the Spanish version so I turned it off.

Rad: "Mommy, I WANT to watch the movie!!"
Me: "Radley, it's time for bed."
Rad: "PLEASE.... 5 more minutes."
Me" "Rad, you don't even know Spanish."
Rad: "Uh-huh.... uno, dos, tres, quatro, sinco, etc..."

Me: thinking to self.... "Damn, school."

I couldn't really argue with him, now could I?

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