Did you know that we can't control everything in our lives?

I know, right.


Well, we can't.

And, sometimes, it sucks.

But how great is it that we have someone else in our lives that CAN and DOES control everything? Even if we don't want to relinquish it. Even if we don't understand it. Even if we don't really like it.

Someone else worries for us. Takes care of us. Listens to us even when we don't say a word.

As we were reading our "Jesus story" before bed last night with Radley, a line stuck out. "When you are tired, hungry and weak, God takes care of you."

When aren't we tired? Hungry? Even weak from work, worry, concern?

Everyday God is there. To watch us. To love us. To protect us.

Then as I was laying with Radley I started to think about what I would do without him and began to cry. I started to think about God sacrificing his ONLY son for me. And for you. And for people that don't believe.

So that we may have ETERNAL salvation.

And then control didn't seem to matter as much.

As we enter the rush of the holiday season, take time to sit and think about the REASON for this season. Why we celebrate. What CHRISTmas is about.

Take time to count your blessings both big and small and know that I count you as one of mine!

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