Trick or Treat...

Happy Halloween
(ehm, a few days late!)

Our friends, the Baileys, host a Halloween party every year and really go all out. Krista (who is Kayla's mom) is super creative and really goes all out. This year we had mummy dogs, spider meatballs, finger french fries, and ghostly cupcakes. The food was delicious and the kids had so much fun eating and playing.

The Baileys LOVE Halloween and get very into costumes. Kayla was Ariel from Little Mermaid so Krista was Flounder and Will was Sebastian. I am an awful blogger and can't find a picture of them but I will do some searching and update this later. The costumes were so good!!

The Kings stuck to a theme we know well: Radley and Daddy were UPS Men, Emmy was a special delivery and Mommy was just a label. (I am so boring, I know).

Kayla and Radley...
I still can't believe that she kept that wig on all night!

Promises Class and Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2030...
Ariel, Lion and UPS Man

Funny story... none of the parents could get these three to sit down and be still until "Mr./Coach Munson said: "Promises Class, sit criss crossed apple sauce with a bubble in your mouth!" And like magic... silence!

The Kings going "trick or treating"

All the little ones ready to get their treats!! How cute is this picture?!?!

A shot of the entire group:
Anna, the lion cub; Jackson, Superman; Radley and Emmy, UPS Man and Package; Caroline, the ferocious lion; and Kayla, Ariel

I have tons more pictures so come back for an updated version. I put this up to settle down all the screaming fans (ie. Mom)!! Hope your Halloween was SWEET, too! :)

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