And we are back on track! Take a glimpse at our lives through my phone...

Emmy is back in gymnastics - at a new gym - and her lessons are on the same night as Rad's soccer practice. Sad that I don't get to watch Rad practice, happy that we were able to condense our night activities to one night. Ryan and I switch who has "Landry duty" and a couple of weeks ago she was with me. And pretty much stood like this the whole time. 

Soon enough it will be your turn, sweet girl.
Too soon.

The girls beat the boys home and jumped in the bath. I was putting something away and heard an insane amount of giggles across the house. And it's moments like this that I believe God equipped people like Steve Jobs with the ability to think outside the box. She may not love this picture in 10 years, but I will. 

All in a day's work as an educator. I got to spend a day reviewing some writing examples of a random selection of students as part of A&M's Quality Enhancement Plan - and I kind of loved it a lot. Fun to see what/how/when/where are our students are learning. It is definitely not always in the classroom - which is great for me! :)

Please go to Target and take pictures of anyone you know wearing these Styrofoam wigs. 

It was Fall here for about two hours last Sunday which meant we got to get super cute for church! The kids were in such good moods and clearly looked adorable in their fall duds. 

The weather stayed cool all day which made our nature walk awesome. 
(And my view wasn't so bad, either)

Last week was a doozy.
Life stuff.
Work stuff.
Mom stuff. 
Just stuff. 

Sometimes life happens and you just have to eat the fried chicken. 
(for all of you that follow me on insta, this was in fact Cane's and not Layne's)
(and - this picture got more comments than any other picture I have posted. Glad to know chicken is more convo worthy than cute kids.)

We talked shop over at YMM this week. Specifically, getting ready for your Christmas card. If you missed the posts you HAVE to check them out!! 

This girl. 
We are lovers of all music at the King's Castle and Ryan got the kids started loving certain songs on the Rent soundtrack. (Because if we let them listen to all of them, CPS may become involved). 
Here is Emmy's version of Seasons of Love... also known as "the $5 song" in her mind.

Boys in white button downs are always cute. 
Especially this one. (and his Daddy).
Future Sig Ep President...

Do you see this? It's a Starbucks. In SOUTH College Station. 
WITH a drive thru. 
Thank you, Scott & White for building a 300 bed hospital to make this happen.

I got tons of fun texts/emails last week after all those YMM posts. Christmas card season is right around the corner, friends! Are you ready?!?

And that's us in an instant!

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