InstaKings...the extended version

So. I haven't done an InstaKing post in almost a month. 

How did that happen?

So. This is going to take more than an instant. Sorry.

We left off with the BIG game. Me and my 3 favorite Aggies headed up to campus to see what all the fuss was about.

1 mom
3 kids
900000+ crazed football fans


a new mom badge.

It's called crazy!

One lady remarked at how well behaved the kids were and how good they were at staying next to me. I nicely replied, "It's called fear, ma'am." There was a lot of people. 

But this kid managed to make some money. I looked up and he was playing "ping pong" at a tail gate. The college kids were playing for drinks - he played for cash.

This is pretty much how I watched the entire the game. Every time I wasn't watching - we scored. I should have just taken a nap.

Our Sunday best leading up to DISNEYLAND!

This is my breakfast every morning. 
Advobar + fruit punch spark.
It tastes like junior high.
And I LOVE it!

This lovely lady turned 18 months old!

Ryan, Will and Jason surprised the kids at lunch one day. 
He sent me this pic and it just made me so happy.
Love being friends with these people!

Rad's school celebrated "talk like a pirate day". 
I mean. Really. Adorable!

If you haven't seen this, well, you can thank me for sharing.

Twas the night before California.... 

and stuck at the airport were we...

but soon on our way, all of us would be...

with eyes closed and dreaming of the fun we would have...

soon we arrived and no one was more glad...

Well, Miss L may have thought that Mickey was scary ...

but I was happy to be with my man who's not hairy (?)...

a perfect day just got better with an afternoon sleep...

and we were full of screams (although Jeremy didn't make a peep)...

Dreams came true and wishes were made...

And MY heart was happy at the end of the day...

Then we arrived for more fun at the start of day 2...

And a brave little Jedi was ready for a ride or two...

Emmy met Tiana, her favorite "pincess"...

Could it get any better? The answer is YES... 

More rides, and more fun, was sure to be had...

For Owen and Emmy and Landry and Rad...

Then the day was over, and we had to leave...

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Walt Disney!!

We got back into the swing of things quickly and had our first soccer practice of the season. 
And is it just me, or is their new coach C-U-T-E?!?!

The girls quickly resumed their positions as snack supervisors. 

Emmy's classes was learning about colors and on the last day they all wore colors of the rainbow. All we had was this dress that my sweet student, Leah, got for her when she was a baby! Yep. It's a 3-6 month.

Then, I left for Dallas to celebrate the national launch of Dr. Smith's. (more on that later). 
I could hardly contain my excitement to spend 36 hours with Jenni, no kids, fun, food, and drinks!


Love her and all the joy she brings me!

Me, the bestie, and our new bestie...Ali Landry.

Ryan sent me a text during the trip
"the living room tv just started smoking...we no longer have a tv. The Kids just had a mental breakdown, so we should probably buy a new one. We are all safe and the tv is in the garage."

This is that TV. 
Yep. A national treasure is gone. 

Fast forward a busy week with no insta pics (lucky you) and we got to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was fabulous! Love sharing my life with such great people. A lucky girl am I!

a little seasonal decorating...

a little more crafting...

And done.

That's us. 
In a not-so-instant.


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