Radley's second game of the season was on Saturday (I missed his first one) and we could not have had better weather or a more fantastic team! His games are at 9am, so we are at the fields and warming up by 8:45... they could hardly contain their excitement. 

Cameron was mastering the art of scoring...

and Iliam did a great job dribbling. 

Then it was game time - below you will see Jaden using his intimidation tactics with the "point and stare down". Y'all - this kid can PLAY. And he is a ton of fun to watch! His facial expressions are amazing - I will commit to taking only pictures of him next time instead of watching the game. 

We kind of got off to a rocky start, and Radley was slightly frustrated from the sidelines. 

But then we got in our groove and started playing really well together!

This is after an AMAZING cross-field pass from Radley to Cameron that lead to goal number 8 or 9 for the team. Y'all. It was sooooo good. They were actually playing soccer with a PURPOSE. And reading the defense, and coming up with strategies, and kicking booty and having fun!

As usual, we had the cutest cheering section around!
Thanks, HMMs!

And ended the day with a tunnel.



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