Here is a glance at the Kings via my phone.

I worked at a conference last weekend and Ryan kept sending me updates. My favorite was this picture with the caption "this is what happens when you leave the room for 2 minutes."

They are quick. 

Working all weekend wasn't so bad, especially since I get to work alongside my friends! Amber is on maternity leave right now, which started the day I returned from my 2 months off. By the time she is back in the office it will have been SIX MONTHS since we wasted hours of hour day talking worked alongside each other impacting the students of Texas A&M. 

I miss you FNF!

Ryan is getting pretty good at his banana bread making skills. The kids wanted to help him bake and since he is the worlds best daddy, he obviously said yes and let them each measure, pour, stir, and mix. 

They may have also gotten distracted doing other things, too. 

The big kids had off for Columbus Day {weird} so Cindy and I decided that we all needed to hang out. We took them on a tour of campus via the bus system - maybe one of our smartest ideas yet. One hour of free entertainment! Then we walked through campus which is always full of fun things like reptile rescue clubs. 

I started "the switch" this week. 

You know.

When we take all the current clothes out of their drawers and closets and switch them for the current seasons clothes. This is just the girls. And didn't include anything actually hanging in their closets or folded in their drawers. 

Yes. I have a problem.
(full post coming later)

My sweet goblins.

I'm obviously not good at the selfie-to-show-off-my-fashion-skills shot. Cindy and I discuss these a lot. And we appreciate those of you that are and that do it well. (We also REALLY want to know why you don't always look at the camera? Some of you pull it off well, (ehm, Meg).

I finally got some new boots (thanks Mom and Dad) and was also rocking the PTMT recommended black+cognac look - so I gave the selfie a chance. 

We got some pretty awesome cool and rainy fall weather last week. So the kids got to wear their pretty awesome rain best. And give me their pretty awesome silly and sweet faces. 
Awesome, huh?

Know what else is awesome?
This kid.
He learned how to tie his shoes!!
Way to go, Rad! (and Dad, because I do not have the patience to teach that lesson!)

He also had a dentist appointment that day and we got to check out the new office - he could have stayed there all day long!

New soccer season means new leggings for the girls.

He's so fun to watch!

And that's us in an instant!

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