All about Momma, a little about baby...

After all the magic that happened on our trip to California, you would think that life couldn't get any better. But you know what? It did.

(And I realize this post is extremely dated at this point, but I had so much fun that I wanted to post it anyway).

The wonderful people at Dr. Smith's invited me to attend their launch party in Dallas as part of their celebration for the national launch of this wonderful product and if that wasn't enough - I got to bring a friend with me! 

I left CS around 2pm on Friday, grabbed Jenni and we were on our way to Happy Hour with the Dr. Smith and DeBerry Team, but the traffic Gods had a different plan. Instead we spent 3 hours in the car, but it was perfect anyway. Laughter, stories, catching up, well that's better than appetizer's and drinks. We got to the hotel, threw our bags in the room, walked down the street and grabbed dinner at the Common Table (so yummy) and were in bed by 9pm.


On Saturday morning we slept in, had breakfast in the room, and were only responsible for getting ourselves dressed. Talk about a magical vacation!

And then we were off to the Ritz...

The brunch was in a lovely room at Fearing's Restaurant and bloggers from all over the great state of Texas were there. 

It was both super exciting and a bit overwhelming to be in the room with all of these women. We all had so many different stories to tell, places we were going, and things we had seen... but we all connected over one tiny detail...


Yep. We were all momma's and that is an amazing connection to have. Whether a veteran, a newbie, a mom to 10 or a mom to 2... we all get "it". The work, the love, the crazy... you know everything that really goes into making that 3 letter word, "mom."

Even beauty queens get "it".

Ali Landry was the celebrity guest and she talked to us briefly about how she came to know and love the Dr. Smith's product (and if you haven't tried it out, you should) and then she shared something more than her spokesperson hat required - she shared about her own struggles as a mom. She has 3 kiddos, one being a 9-week old (yeah, don't think about how great she looks in a LEATHER dress NINE weeks post-partum) and she talked about how hard it is to nurse babies but that she was committed to continuing even if it wasn't as long as with the first two. 

And something inside me just stirred and I saw her as a person, a mom, someone just like me. Just like all of us. And I know that sounds silly, because clearly she is a person, but her honesty and transparency was just refreshing. And while I know she is an actress, her vulnerability to let us "in" was real. So real, that I made my way to the front, and gave her the "pep talk" that we all need to hear from time to time.

And then she hugged me, we cried, and became new besties. 

So, Dr. Smith... thank you for a great product, a wonderful weekend and a welcome reminder that NONE of us... not even beauty queens, have it all together. 

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