Weekend Wrap Up...

We had a pretty awesome, busy and delightful weekend that kicked off with a soccer game. (Pun intended). The best part was GIGI AND POPS!! Mom is "back in Texas" after months of being in Baton Rouge taking care of MaMaw post hip surgery. The kids were in tears they were so excited. (And I failed at not one picture of them).

It was CHILLY and sunny which meant the beach towel as a blanket/eyes closed picture was justified. 

Emmy may be my dramatic child. 
She was "freeeeeezing!"

But the Shark Fish didn't let a little cool keep them from playing. 

The coach gave a pretty good pep talk. I love watching him out there with the kids. 

The "real" stars this week may have been the girls. At half-time they decided they needed to play soccer, too and took it upon themselves to provide entertainment for everyone on the sidelines.

They were pretty darn adorable.

I didn't take tons of pictures because it was actually pretty chilly, and, really - how many soccer pics do we need? Radley played well - a little tired - but he managed to score 5 goals. :)

And we won for best-dressed. 

(ps. Can y'all please some good picture taking vibes our way? Landry has turned into Chandler Bing and does this awkward zone out thing when we take pics. It's going to be awesome for Christmas pictures. Sarah - bring the big bag of tricks, mkay?)

After the game, we headed to the HMMs to celebrate Millicent turning TWO! She had an Aggie party which was just so much fun!

Mills and Landry = BFF

Clockwise from top left:
Emersyn '32, Annaliese '31, Caroline '30, Radley '30, Landry '34, Wyatt '35, Millicent '34, Jake '35

We are taking donations for that tuition bill. They will be roommates. 

After food, cake and presents we headed outside for some tag...

some tree huggin', picture posin'...

fun. May be one of the best parties ever. Full of family, friends, and fun.

It was home for naps, shopping (me and my momma and daddy - thanks y'all!) and dinner. Sunday was  church, a long run for me (see, Josh), naps for ALL 5, a trip to the park, some delicious chili and time together. And I have no pictures to prove it. :)

Hope y'alls was well spent, too!

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