Tiny Tales Thursday...

This week's tales brought to you by the "fall front" we experienced last weekend and celebrated with our nature scavenger hunt. 

Radley was so excited to get working on checking items off the fall bucket list. (Not sure where he gets that from). :) When we arrived at the park he just looked at us and said, "I LOVE this weather. I just feel so, so... ALIVE!" 

We feel the same way, too, buddy. I seriously think southerners get depressed from TOO MUCH sunshine and warmth. Sounds crazy, but a lot of us crave the cold. 

As we walked around filling our buckets with treasure, our ears were soaking up the laughter from the kids. Between Radley making Emmy giggle and Landry's squeals in delight from "off-roading" I could tell the day was just going to be one for the record books. 

We were finishing the hike and Emmy and Radley were running around and all of a sudden she stops, looks at him and just says, "you're my best-friend, Radley! I love you!" 

And while they tell each other "I love you" every morning and night - something about that moment just turned me and Ryan to mush. I paused in thanks because we must be doing something right. We finished our hunt, ate lunch and headed home. 

After naps we enjoyed the break in the heat with an evening outside and a delicious dinner on the porch prepared by the King. We were cleaning everything up and getting ready for the bath, prayers, bed routine when Radley looked up and told me, "I wish every day could be like this. It was just perfect."

And it was. 

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