Tiny Tales Thursday...

Life has been crazy hectic lately. Like I don't feel like I can catch my breath. It's not one big thing, just a million little bits of things.

Mostly all good things.

Some kind of annoying things.

Like the garage door.

It broke about 4 months ago or so. Completely fell off the track. Ryan had me HOLDING IT UP while he "fixed" it (read: made it so that it wouldn't crush one of our children) until the repair man could get here.

Well. It's broken again.

Radley and I leave to go pick up the girls between 4:30pm - 5:00pm every day. And every day the garage door will not close. But only at that time. Every. Single. Mother Loving. Day. (Sorry, for the ML).

It's insane.

It just won't close. Ryan's theories have been...
1. The bushes were casting a shadow on the sensor - nope.
2. The "stuff" in the garage was too close to the sensor - nope.
3. The sun hits the sensor and it thinks something is there - ummm. Nope.

Whatever. It's annoying.

So I either leave the house wide open (and have just announced it to every single robber that is reading this blog), or I have to use the "emergency cord" and shut it.

Either way. Annoying.

And, well. I may have mentioned this to Ryan a time or two. In a very nice way of course. And maybe sometimes in front of the kids. And maybe, well, I should only tell him all things lovely and light in front of the kids, but this ain't that kind of fairy tale.

So tonight as we were wrapping up one of the million little things - I mentioned my ensuing break down from stress. And with no drama added in or anything.

Radley said, "That's ok, Momma. Why don't you go lie down?"

Which is proof that his future wife needs to be sooo grateful for me and my training skills.

We went about the night and I mentioned something to Ryan about my car (which may or may not also be broken) and how it always seems like life sends a million things at once.

He sweetly dismissed the idea with, "No babe, it will be fine. Why are you so stressed?"

When Radley all the way from the other room chimed in, "Don't forget about that garage door. Uh. So annoying."

Thanks, Radley! You always know how to prove my point.


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