Tiny Tales Thursday...

So I skipped last week. I have no other excuse other than I was tired. And busy. And busy. And tired.

To make it up to you (well, really to my Momma), I will give you lots of my favorite quotes over the past few weeks. 

You are welcome.


We were getting ready for church a couple of weeks ago and I was trying to put a headband in Emmy's hair. It wouldn't stay in place so I grabbed a couple of bobby pins to hold it in her hair. 

Emmy: tearing up
Me: What's wrong, baby?
Emmy: sniff sniff
Me: Emmy?
Emmy: I not look cute anymore... 
Me: Why?
Emmy: Ba-ba-bobby pins aren't pitty.


Radley and I were driving home from school and he was singing in "perfect" Spanish. The song finally came to an end so started a conversation.

Me: That was great, buddy!
Rad: Thanks.
Me: What were you saying?
Rad: I have no idea.

Glad to see that program is paying off. ;)


I take the kids up to work for our less intense events/meetings and they love it. This week we were on campus and Emmy had her full "charm" on.

Students: Hi, what's your name?
Emmy: Emmy. ::pause"" Gig'em ::cute face:: I LOVE Johnny Football.

Dear Lord. Help me.


So my Aggies ran out of time last week.

And I must admit, I was pretty upset/sad/angry.

We were actually eating dinner with my parents and trying to avoid watching the inevitable happen, but we did. And in the middle of my pity party, my conscious showed up in the form of an adorable 6-year-old boy...

Rad: Mommy, why are you so sad?
Me: Because the Aggies lost.
Rad: But that's ok.
Me: I know, but I'm still a little upset.
Rad: Well, you say that winning isn't everything. And I bet that other team doesn't win a lot so we should be happy for them.
Me: You're right, buddy.
Rad: Plus you and Daddy always say, "you have to learn to lose before you can learn to win.:

I get it, I get.


Landry has found her voice recently and isn't afraid to use it. Her favorite words include "yes", "no", "mine", and "baby".


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