Feels like home...

The one good thing about being home all last week is that all the Halloween decorations were down and the house is ready to celebrate this season of thanks! My decorations don't really vary much from what I put up on September 1st (because you know, "Fall" starts in September) - I just add Halloween stuff in for October and then take it down again in November. :) But I do love my house in fall. Maybe because it's not as stressful (or as hard to clean-up) as Christmas, but this season is my favorite for decorating and I think it's so easy and I'm certainly thankful for that! Here are my favorites for sprucing up for fall...

Front Porch

I love changing my porch out for seasons. It's seriously so easy and inexpensive. The junkier the better. Late this summer my parents showed up with these old jugs from my PaPaw's garage... 

And I wasn't quite sure what in the world to do with them. When I went to wash them off, I realized that they would be a perfect touch to the porch...

All that rusty goodness blends perfectly with fall flowers (that will never die because they are fake).

If only the cooler weather would roll in...

My front porch is such a fall favorite!


This is the easiest way to get your house ready for any season. We are triggered by our sense of smell so when you have a seasonal candle lit and someone walks in, they instantly feel at home. We probably all share in our love for a particular 3 wick candle but even some $2 glade candles will do. I am a loyal candle burner - it probably began in the 3rd grade when Jenni was spending the night and we literally gathered every candle my mom had and set up a "candle shop" in the middle of the night and LIT THEM ALL and proceeded to fall asleep. 


My favorite candle at the moment is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin because it's not too much of any fragrance.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE changing out my mantle. Our living room was what made me fall in love with this house - I couldn't love it more with the built-ins surrounding the fire place... 

The mantle is usually a central focal part to any home, so sprucing it up even just a little is the perfect way to get ready for the season.

I love filling ours with old books in seasonal colors and then just piling stuff on top. 


If I had the wall space, I think I'd make a gallery chalkboard wall. I'd then need to pay someone to come write on said chalkboards, but I love them. I put a small one on our kitchen table that I've been changing out each month and I just love it. I generally check with Pinny and then try to copy something I find there.

Throw Pillows

This is just a lazy easy way to add some seasonal flare. It's also a great excuse to buy cute things.

And if you haven't heard - ShellyHolly and I are teaming up for a fun giveaway to give away this darling pillow cover from my cousin's Etsy shop.

AND if that wasn't enough - we're going to throw in an additional cover for you to share with someone YOU are thankful for!! I KNOW - so much fun!

Go enter here and happy decorating friends!


  1. Will you come decorate my front porch?! I stink at it! But yours always looks so inviting! Love it!

  2. Love this!!!! So inspirational. I would love to do something like this in front of my house!