Merry Thanksgiving...

The next few weekends are jam-packed for us and with Ryan's work schedule being so, what's the word, unbearable? .... we knew we had to take full advantage of a perfect weather/non-commitment weekend to get Christmas done. I actually knew that "Christmas was coming" when I pulled into the garage after a full day of work the Sunday before to discover 500 brand spanking new LED multi-colored lights. 

Spoiler alert: I'm not the biggest fan of multi-colored lights.... 

but I'm very outnumbered. 

While the four of them set up lights outside, I got started inside and was once again reminded that we have way too much stuff. (But I LOVE it). 

By late Saturday afternoon, we had everything out and started on tree number 1... 

"The gold tree"... 

I love this tree - and all the random "fancy" ornaments I've acquired over the years. I especially love my little nests filled with my 3 "wittle" eggs... 

Landry said, "Oh Mommy... I know what these are - this is Emmy, Radley and ME!"

Then Emmy found the one with five eggs... "this is our WHOLE family..."

LATE Saturday night we finally made it to the second tree. A pre-lit tree that's lost it's shine. Ryan was less-than-thrilled to be putting lights on said tree. 

This girl was PUMPED that we were using multi-colored lights when we discovered our spare white lights weren't working.

Oh, and we had to use 4 different kinds of multi-colored lights. 

They thought it was AWESOME.

Me? Not-so-much.


I'd like to tell you all that I am that totally cool mom that laughs at how closely they put ornaments together. That I swoon and sit and just enjoy the cluster of random ornaments and all the bald patches that remain.

I'd be lying. 

So every now and then, the kids would take a break for the "mom fluff"... this was perfect for them to be able to decorate their mini-trees.

Then they each got a trip to the top from Dad...

Landry was thrilled - this was after something traumatic happened, like she only had 4 ornaments for her tree and Emmy had 5. 

The lights are growing on me - I think it does make the tree extra fun... and the gifts will look darling underneath.

Almost as cute as these three...

So Merry Thanksgiving, everyone!!

Many blessings to you and yours!


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    1. Thanks, Deena! Hope y'all had a great week!

  2. I hear ya on not being a fan of multi-colored lights, but being out numbered! My husband paid a pretty penny to have outside lights installed on our house last year...and you guessed it, he picked colorful Charlie Brown Christmas lights! They grew on me, too, after a while. Partly because it made my kids so happy!
    Your tree looks great, and I'm sure it's a relief to know it's done! Have a great LONG weekend!

    1. They've definitely grown on me which wasn't too hard since the kids love them so much! We had a great weekend, hope you did, too!

  3. Merry Thanksgiving! Aw. What an adorable family you have. And the lights look wonderful. :)

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!