Weekending on Wednesday...

How does that saying go.... "Good intentions paved the road to.... "

Well, I'm not sure about THAT but I am sure I always intend to blog in real time and don't. I end up posting about 5 things in one day and because I have to have things in "order" back date them. So if you feel like you've missed anything, chances are I just posted our Valentine's Party last week. I intended to post our weekend wrap-up on Sunday, but y'all... I was asleep by 9pm. I'm going crazy lately and fall asleep super early and then can't sleep past 5am.

You'd think I would be motivated to get out of bed and work out or read or spend time in reflection, but well, I think that time is better served for me to just toss and turn for 45 minutes and then finally fall back asleep for a quick 15 minute nap. 

So, here's a look at our weekend on a Wednesday... 

Saturday morning was FOGGY which made for some amazing soccer pics. 

They scrimmaged the girls team and while the boys outscored them 10-1, those ladies showed some great discipline and skill. I felt like they moved the ball better than those boys. The boys didn't have any subs either so they were out of breath a lot! HA!

The coaches played double duty since everyone was playing each other!

And these scooters kept these sisters entertained. Seriously the best money we've spent - we take them every where with us. We may need to size up soon!

We went to mass on Saturday evening so Sunday morning we got to move slow. I went to the grocery store super early and when I got back, Ryan had the garage set up for some pumpkin carving. 

We try to wait as close to Halloween as possible so the sucker doesn't rot before the big day.

The kids LOVE cleaning out the pumpkin - 

no sensory issues here at all.

They wanted to save each and every seed for roasting.

And also maybe play in the "guts".

They wanted to stick with our Pokemon theme so I found a printable on Pinterest... 

Meet Gengar.

We seriously kept having to size him up because the pumpkin was so huge. 

But the carving would have to wait because we had some picnic plans that afternoon.

My brother and parents bought some land in South College Station so we headed out there to set some posts and just explore the land.

Jeremy is NOTORIOUS for adopting animals so it's no surprise that these two dogs that are owned by someone nearby have become frequent visitors of the land. Jeremy bought them worm medicine, food and water so they hang around a lot.  And Emmy has decided that we need a dog. 

It's funny that we have a huge, beautiful treehouse in our backyard that sits unloved and here they walk around, explore and never want to leave. Hmmmm....  

This crew is going to be neighbors - can't wait to see what all they do out there. 

After lunch we headed home for naps before getting back in our Halloween gear and meeting the Munsons for a spooky celebration at their church. 

Where I took exactly two pictures. 

(See above and below).

We made it home, cleaned up and finally finished that pumpkin!!

And the Halloween fun wasn't over yet... 


  1. I would like to take a little credit in getting Emmy over her fear of dogs! ;) You guys should totally get one!

    1. You TOTALLY get credit! I'll keep you posted on if we make a decision to add 4 paws permanently!

  2. I think Halloween was so exhausting this year because we stretched it out all.weekend.long! My kids trick or treated four times. We definitely got our money out of our costumes this year!
    I can totally relate to the "delayed" blogging. I still haven't blogged about my kid's bday parties...two from October and one from...gasp...February!

    1. Haha - procrastinators unite, friend!