Spiel the Beans: Being Grateful

Hi there friends! Tis the season of thanks giving - my favorite of all. Shelly and I really wanted to devote a post to sharing what we are thankful for or perhaps what we take for granted. I love the crispness in the air, my favorite fall candles and all that delicious food in my belly, but I'm not gonna lie - this season has been hard this year. 

Ryan has been traveling for work since April 2015 and I know that there are people that do this day in, day out every single day (I'm looking at that rock star SHELLY) but y'all - I am tired. My kids miss their daddy and I miss my husband. I've thrown about 1000 pity parties lately, yelled at every person I know, and cried a million tears. 

I can do hard. 

I just don't want to. 

But, blessings come in many ways and I think the Lord is blessing me with this topic today. I honestly have been so busy at work and life, that I haven't prepped a thing, so today you're gonna get a little of my heart.... here goes... 

Grateful for sunshine, grateful for rain
grateful for joy and grateful for pain
Grateful for courage, grateful for fear
Grateful for the gift of laughter through tears
Grateful for work, grateful for rest
Grateful for friends, I've got some of the best
Grateful for music, grateful for art
Grateful for words that come from the heart
Grateful for my kiddos that love me so well
Grateful for this crazy fairy tale
Grateful for love the unending kind
And the fact that I know someone is mine
Grateful for forgiveness, it hangs on a cross
His mercy is new, His grace is not lost
Grateful he knows that I'm a big mess
And loves me even though I fail every test
Grateful for kindness and strangers that hug
Grateful for the coffee that fills my big mug
Grateful for pizza and wine and cheese
I'll have a little more of each if you please
Grateful for friends the old and the new
Grateful for readers, ones just like you
Grateful for a space to share how I feel
Grateful to be welcomed for just being real
Grateful for the easy and even the hard
Grateful the world is our own backyard
Grateful for people that are different from me
Grateful for blessings that I just may not see
Grateful through the hard that helps make me grow
Thankful beyond measure, more than you know. 

Now it's your turn to share what you are feeling thankful for! Your words will surely shine a light for someone today, so thank you in advance for sharing your heart. Be sure to mark your calendar for November 29 as we come back to share our favorite holiday movies!! (THIS POST IS GOING TO BE EPIC!) 

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  1. Hi Katy, how tough. You are right, it can be so hard sometimes when our support is gone with other commitments. I love when you said "I can do hard. I just don't want to." Me too! I hope you are able to spend some family time together soon and that the work travel slows down. Thanks for hosting the linkup.

    1. Hi Jenna - thanks so much for the encouragement - there is a season for everything and this is just ours! He still provides!

  2. I have a post about what I'm grateful for going up tomorrow - and I'm using the image you made with the 30 prompts for what I'm thankful for!

  3. Such a lovely poem!! :) My husband travels a lot for work and while it had gotten to the point we were more used to him gone than being home it was certainly not fun.

    1. Right? When he's home at night, I'm almost startled that someone wants to watch something besides Gilmore Girls.... but we do wish he could be home every night for dinner. This too shall pass, right? Thanks for stopping by!