Here we are again. Does it seem like this blog is on repeat?

We do things.

I take pictures on my phone.

A week or two later I post them here.


But, tis the season, right? Of a crazy and overwhelmed and loud and messy...life! 

Here you go, the crib notes to us... 

I'm not sure if this was 6 in the morning or at night - I do know that I LOLed as soon as it popped up on my screen and had to take a screen shot. I know the gift of having a "bestie for life" and oh how I pray that this continues to ring true for these two. They bicker and squabble but most of all they love each other well. 

On Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling fiesty and fired up. I just knew that America was going to well, keep us "rad, white and blue". But, well... 

the next day I needed both puppies and coffee. Thank God for Aggieland. 

I have a pretty consistent habit of buying things that I think will make fantastic gifts (like this scarf) and then keeping them for myself. 

The kids came up to work with me one night for a fun program and Emersyn kept herself entertained with art. Radley language arts class has been working on poems, specifically color poems that bring life to your favorite color. Emmy jumped on the bandwagon... 

"Red is a color. It is a color of strawberries."

Then she moved onto storytelling...

"Mommy at the MSC; she has Radley and Landry and me. And don't forget daddy, too."

On Friday afternoon of a loooonnng week that was heading into a work heavy weekend, I heard a voice coming down the hall. I got some sappy tears in my eyes because the voice couldn't have been real... I mean, "the voice" is in Kentucky. But... IT WAS HIM! Lyndon and darling Austyn were in town for a quick trip to Waco and stopped on campus to say hello. Best 15 minutes ever. 

(ps. I am standing on a chair that is 8 inches off the ground to be as tall as I am in this pic). 

We stopped by HEB Friday afternoon and Radley could not/would not put down this newspaper. He wanted to read everything he could about the election. Maybe we should get him a subscription for Christmas?

My high school was in town for a playoff game, so Jenni and the kids drove to our house to eat dinner before we headed up to the game. 

I mean, it's basically the exact same thing as TWENTY YEARS ago (what?!?!) except we are sitting down with five extra members of the cheering section. 

(And, well, these 5 may have done a better job than the actual cheerleaders).

(But I didn't say that outloud).

(I'm just one of those annoying former students that thinks everything has gone to pasture since we've graduated.)

I mean, we look the exact same. 

Saturday morning post soccer game I got 4 glorious hours at Starbucks to put in some time on our Christmas card and other projects. I would love to do this once a week. Anyone want to come over on Thursday evenings to hang with my kids from 7-11pm?

That afternoon we headed to campus - Ryan and Radley scored tickets to the game so me and the girls got to attend a mini-reunion at the MSC tailgate for some of my former students that were in town. My job is such a blessing - it's hard and challenging and sometimes drives me completely nuts, I never feel like I have fully succeeded at any one thing, there is always something else to be done, and yet I see the work that these amazing, brilliant, talented, caring adults are doing and I give such gratitude that I was able to be a small part of their giant journey. 

The next day was FLO Bowl, a 7:7 powderpuff tournament/all-male cheerleading competition that my students host. 13 years ago what was a random idea from two students has grown to a 9-hour event with over 700 players, coaches and cheerleaders. It's our largest fundraiser of the year and takes an incredible amount of planning and risk managing. Leah was once in charge of the event and to have her be able to come back and see it now was so much fun!

And then I guess I did nothing for four days because I was tired. HA! That next Thursday, Holly, Shelly and I made plans to go to a DIY event at Home Depot. When we showed up and found out that we weren't actually making anything just watching someone else make something, we ditched class and headed for dinner and drinks instead. 

And then an actual cool front came in on Friday and since we were headed for the annual tree-lighting event in Bryan, I decided to be as basic as I could be and throw on all the suburban mom trends at once. 

We love this night - just kicks off the holidays for us!

Clearly the only thing missing was Ryan. Oh, and my 9-year-old son because WHO IS THIS MAN CHILD NEXT TO ME?!?

I ran to HEB (alone!) on Saturday morning and had to pause for a moment of silence at this sight. Somewhere in CS was a tired momma that bought herself a treat in the form of the sweet nectar of DP. She was waiting for the perfect moment to indulge and when she went to take a sip, she discovered the bottle never made it home. 

The weather was PERFECT all weekend, so our backyard looked like this. Radley fell asleep on the trampoline at some point so I went and joined him.

And fall decided to stay around long enough for one of my favorite #SundaySweetness photos yet. 

While the bigs were at Sunday School, Ryan, Landry and I made a quick dash to Target and my husband talked me into buying this skirt. 


I never knew that I needed a Christmas sweater skirt, but I clearly did. 

We decorated and played on Snapchat - which was made for a goofball like William Radley King... 

And once again, I remembered why I think we should get two Decembers every year. 

And that's us in an Instant!


  1. I am LOLing at your comment about the RHS cheerleaders. I said THE EXACT same thing to my mom after I went to a game a couple of weeks ago. Robots. And the band was disappointing too. Oh well. Our days really were the glory days. Ha! #RNQ

  2. Cracking up about the DP in the cart! And that skirt was clearly a win...adorable on you