Tiny Tales Thursday...

So I mentioned that we took the kids to vote last weekend. We went over the particulars and expectations and laid some ground rules on behavior and voice level. We told them not to express their opinions on who they wanted us to vote for (because they all have opinions) and we told them that part of the blessing of living in America is that we GET to disagree.

So we are riding along and Radley asks us who we are voting for and we tell him that we don't have to tell who we vote for. We let him know that even Ryan and I could vote for different candidates. (We aren't because, well, Ryan likes being married to me... ) Radley kind of thinks for a minute and then pipes up...

"You know, I'd rather cheer for Baylor than vote for Donald Trump."

And that's exactly why I love that kid.

Emersyn voted for Jesus.
Landry voted for the Aggies.