Hello, this is late...


It's me.

And we went to Adele 2 weeks ago and I never blogged about it. 

But, I figured since we waited almost a year to go, then the post isn't too far behind, right? Last November Cindy sent a group text to me, her sister, Melinda and her bestie, Angie and said "I GOT US TICKETS TO ADELE!"

(She went on to say that since she didn't actually ask us before purchasing that we technically didn't owe her any money, but she'd sure appreciate the reimbursement. HAHA!)

So, we were off on a kid/husband free weekend. We clearly took Myrtle because she's the best car ever. 

We all met in Austin, freshened up, grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the show. 

We had a while before the concert started so we made sure to make the most of our time. 

And then realized we were super old because we buy water anytime we buy alcohol. 


I can't even begin to adequately describe how amazing she is live. 

She sounds even better, she shares personal stories and tid bits and she just connects so well with the entire audience. 

Oh, and she bought boots because, #texas.

She apparently always invites a group of friends onto stage for some selfies - this threesome was just adorable. They couldn't get over meeting Adele and she was so gracious and funny and just awesome. 

She even wore the tiara that they brought her. 

At one point, I just remember being so overcome with emotion that I teared up. I have been to some amazing shows, with some incredible seats - but this show is so personal and vulnerable. At most concerts, people come to see "a show" but as I was looking around the arena, it struck me that everyone was there to just see HER. One person, her songs filled with stories of her life. I can't imagine how emotional it must be for her to share her heart over and over again, night after night - but she does. Music is an incredible story teller and to hear her story was an honor.

Also, sorry for those of you that follow me on snap (@katygking) - we may have gotten carried away.

See all that confetti - each piece has lyrics from her songs on them. We may have gotten 2 or 200 - you decide. ;) 

Such an amazing, night - THANK YOU CINDY!

But the fun didn't end there - the next day was all ours to spend. We woke up and headed to brunch at Forthright Cafe. You may remember me mentioning this little place we discovered when I snuck away with Holly and Shelly in August... 

easily the best brunch of my life. I could quite literally eat this every single day. And since totally made it healthy by subbing tomatoes for the english muffin, then I'd say that's a reasonable request. 

We spent the afternoon browsing through Austin staples like Allen's Boots. Because when Adele shops there, you  do, too.

In case you need any gift ideas, I'll take these

We stopped and forced Melinda and Angie all happily took pictures at Austin staples... 

and maybe even a few new spots, too...

And then ended the weekend with dinner out and a walk home past the capitol. 

(photo cred: most awkward state trooper ever)

Rumor has it that it was an amazing weekend from start to finish.

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  1. I'm so jealous!!!! I would love to see her live!!!!!