Friday Favorites: Giving Thanks and Giveaways

PRAISE THE LORD, it's Friday. Whew.

Something about these past two weeks has just been exhausting. This week poor Emersyn has been down for the count. Out of nowhere on Monday night she got hit with an awful virus and ended up in our room early Tuesday morning. She didn't really have a fever but she was super congested and her throat was sore so we stayed home. By Wednesday she wasn't much better so off to the doctor we went and he tested her for strep and pneumonia. Thankfully both came back negative, but we were sent home with some breathing treatments and steroids and orders to stay at home the rest of the week.

Yeah, she's super sad about that. ;)

Besides being Friday, it's also NOVEMBER and I think it may be in my top three favorite months of the year. Mostly because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - all of the comfort of Christmas and less of the high expectations/build-up. This is the season of thanks and in the hustle and bustle and busyness of our mess - I love that we all kind of take a breath in November and give thanks.

So today, I'm going to share my three (super simple) favorite ways of saying thank you .....

Write a note - This one is a no-brainer. Who doesn't love a good thank you note? My favorite notes are from Dayspring because they always have a scripture that accompanies the message. 

I get lost in this section of Hobby Lobby every single time. I have a stack of cards I've collected that I've just loved but haven't needed at the moment - maybe this week I will put pen to paper and follow my own advice. 

Words of affirmation are such a meaningful way to show appreciation - so if you don't have time to write a card, post a message on their Facebook wall or update your status with a quick, "Couldn't have made it without @Enternamehere today!"... just take the time to say it. 

Do something -  Notice I didn't say "offer" to do something. We all have the greatest of intentions when we say "let me know how I can repay you" instead - just do it! Drop off a gift on their porch. Bring them dinner. Kidnap their kids and send them out to dinner (okay, maybe avoid the kidnapping). Saying thanks is clearly great, but SHOWING thanks is an awesome way to share gratitude. 

I loved these simple ideas from Crazy Little Projects

Journal - Sometimes the attitude of gratitude doesn't have to be for anyone but yourself. When I'm in a funk or pity party mode and walking around all "whoa is me" - all I really need to do is just sit and pause and reflect on every tiny miracle hidden among the mess. WRITE IT DOWN. I have a journal of thanks that I use to document the things I'm most thankful for. Challenge yourself to see if you can write something down every day this month. (Feel free to back log). You could also use these as prompts for the "30 Days of Thanks" on Facebook... 

Two words. Three ways. One impact. Being thankful is so dang easy y'all.  And to celebrate this season of thanks, ShellyHolly and I are teaming up for a fun giveaway because we are so thankful for each of you, dear readers!!!

We are giving away this darling pillow cover from my cousin's Etsy shop.

AND if that wasn't enough - we're going to throw in an additional cover for you to share with someone YOU are thankful for!! I KNOW - so much fun!

We all three just adore this blog world and the time we "spend" with so many of you so thank YOU for reading every day. This space began as a way to document all of our family memories and has given me such dear friends and wonderful connections and I'm just thankful for each of you. YOU are my favorite.

So, happy Friday!! 


  1. I'm thankful for you! :) And I love your 30 days of Grateful!

  2. I love your grateful list - I saved it for future use!

  3. Love the prompts for the gratitude journal! It's on my fall "to do" list to keep a gratitude journal (at least) during the month of November...so I know this will come in handy to keep me on track! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just love this post! I hope you enjoy one of your favorite months of the year and I hope that Emersyn feels better soon! XOXO

    1. Oh...and I'm thankful for my husband and 4 sweet kiddos. They keep me going. And caffeine, of course. ;)

  5. Love the 30 days of gratitude challenge! That would be fun on Instagram.

  6. I'm thankful for my amazing family


  7. I love the 30 days of grateful! Getting started just one week late - not bad for me! And I'd love to enter the pillow giveaway!

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