It's gonna be a great year...

17 is Ryan's FAVORITE number so that means that this is going to be a BIG year for We5Kings, so what better way to ring in the year than in a BIG way! We made plans for an adult dinner out with some of our friends and managed to score exactly zero babysitters. But, instead of giving up, we decided to stay in and have our own little shindig at the Prochazkas. 

Jen and Colby's house is one of my favorites ever. She has the greatest style and had everything set up and ready for us to dig in.

Including the bar, which was also filled with kid friendly goodies!

We knew that if there was any chance of getting a picture with everyone smiling and all wearing the clothes that we dressed them in, we had to do it before dinner. Y'all. This was one take. 

#pros #notourfirsttime #wehavethecutestdamnkids

It's funny - when the kids started elementary school I filled my nights with prayers hoping that they would find amazing friends - I never expected to find the same. And yet here I am, ringing in a new year with my own amazing friends. PTO ain't so bad y'all; especially when they bring you thoughtful, intelligent, confident, strong women to add to your village.  

We may have forced the kids to take one more pic... 

but we did let them kick off their shoes. 

Also true story - I can only put on eye makeup by using the step by step guide provided by Urban Decay. I went for the "iconic smoky eye" and kind of feel like I looked the exact same. The difference was that I had so much on that my contacts felt hazy. Ha!

The night continued in the best kind of way... dinner with friends... 

enjoying long conversations that contain laughter and silly faces... 

and of course changing into your favorite pair of pjs. 

As we were nearing midnight, we lit the sparklers...  

and got out the noise makers. 

As you can see, my kids played it cool. 

This crew was much more awake than the parents.

And I'm just gonna go ahead and say that I am completely uncomfortable with how comfortable she is with the bubbly drink her hand. 

Don't even think about it  Miss Priss. 

They stayed up until ONE THIRTY AM. Jen, Ryan and I fell asleep on the couch - ha!

We started the year big and I plan on keeping it that way.

Big dreams. 
Big smiles.
Big love. 
Big days ahead... may the same ring true for you!


  1. Looks like a fun celebration. Happy 2017!

  2. Happy New Year; I loved seeing the photos of your celebrations.