Under the Big Top...

I'm not sure I can adequately express how excited I was for the event we attended on Friday. It's the event of the year, really... I'm sure you've heard of it... 

Yep. It was FINALLY time for the annual College Hills Kindergarten Circus! We had our reserved seats (thanks to Gigi for the highest bid at PPF), our cameras, our fan club and our cameras ready for the greatest show on earth! This really is my all-time favorite school performance, even including the ones that I participated in! There is just something about a 50+ year history and tiny children dressed up as ringmasters, tigers, acrobats, and clowns that makes me happy.

As soon as our girl walked in, we all started cheering and she couldn't even hide the smile. 

(She will probably not smile when she is grown and needs pictures and realizes her mother had an expensive camera that she stunk at using. Seriously, SOMEONE GIFT ME LESSONS.)

So I took a lot of pictures of her waving. Not sorry.

Mrs. Cannon, the quintessential kinder teacher, introduced the show and we were off... 

This little ringmaster was my favorite. He had definitely practiced and was so fun! He used so many great expressions and voice changes - he won the day!

The show was smaller than Rad's year but packed just as much CUTE as ever. The painted horses came out strong, followed by strong men and the dancing bears (once again a favorite)...

The tight rope walkers, elephants, tigers and seals (Emersyn's favorite because that's what her bestie, Macy, was)... 

And the jugglers/clowns with some upgraded equipment. I always wanted to dress up like  clown, we may have to make this happen on Halloween.

And then the moment we had all been waiting for... 

the ACROBATS were about to take the ring...

they marched in...

dazzled us with their flipping skills... 

surprised us with their "special talents" 
(She's doing the splits if you can't tell)

(And also shocked us with their height difference... seriously... she is so dang tiny!)

and impressed us with their strength and agility!

And finally ended the show with the HUMAN PYRAMID!

She could not wait for this part!

After minutes of applause, we made our way outside to snap some pics with their class... 

make silly faces... 

and pose with the fan club!

Gigi couldn't make Rad's circus so she definitely wasn't missing this one. We had the best time cheering those kiddos on and giggling at how cute it all was. I may have to just go every year because it's so darn adorable. 

The only sad part of the whole day was the fact that it was Mrs. Kammerer's last circus. She's moving at the end of the year and we are all so sad. I'm trying to talk her into commuting to CS for Landry's first year, but she's pretty set on staying home. ;)

Such a fun way to celebrate the amazing circus of fun that is kindergarten!


  1. I LOVE that this tradition has continued! What a fun, fun event!!!

  2. Wow, what a production! We have kindergarten graduation tomorrow but I don't think it will be this exciting!

    1. They put so much time and energy into this event but the kids just LOVE it! Hope graduation went well!