Chugga Chugga... Poo Poo?

Great title for a post, eh?

Well, for those of you who don't like poop stories quit reading. (Actually, you probably don't even read my blog anymore because I seem to talk about poop A LOT! But, well, I have a 3 year old and a newborn...it's pretty much part of my daily routine.)

Back to poop.

Radley has gone crazy. And by crazy I mean he has decided that toilets aren't necessary. He had gone weeks without any kind of accident and then all of a sudden he just decided to poop in his pants. Any where.

At Josh and Cindy's.

Reading books.

Playing trains.

LAYING DOWN. (now that takes talent).

Finally we had enough and took away his train table. Now, this may seem harsh to some, but at this point I felt (Ryan, with the strength of harmony disagreed) that he was doing this on purpose.

He was not allowed to touch it unless he could be a big boy and poop in the potty.

Funny what a little motivation will do....

Let's hope that phase is out of his system once and for all and that he stays "on track"!

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