Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley has decided he doesn't like certain foods. Not sure why or where he gets this from because between Ryan and me we eat pretty much anything. It's mainly food with "color" such as tomatoes, spinach, etc... and especially if its anything that he does like. For example, spanish rice.

Rad: Mom... there is red stuff in there.
Me: You like it, Radley.
Rad: Take it out please.

But the kid will eat ketchup and sour cream with a spoon. Weird.

So, we were eating dinner and I had put some guacamole on his plate (I always put everything on his plate so he gets used to the idea of seeing it). He didn't want to eat "the green stuff" so Uncle Pete demonstrated how good it was.

Pete: MMMMM.... I like this.
Radley looks at him with little interest.
Pete: (flexing his bicep) When you eat green stuff you get big muscles.
Rad: (again with no interest and as quickly as Jeremy said it) I don't want big muscles...

And continues with his chips and sour cream.

Guess he'd prefer a big belly!

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