Halfway there...

We made it! It is the half point in the "30 day challenge" ! And I am extremely proud to say that we are on our way to S-U-C-C-E-S-S!! (we are the very best!.... Sorry I can't just spell that word, I have to say a cheer we did in the 7th grade every time I do. A tad annoying.)

Purchases so far:
  • Ryan purchased some ice from a convenient store to refill his water jug for work (necessity)
  • Radley and Kayla had a Chic Fil-A nuggets tray for their party
  • Radley takes gymnastics every Tuesday which begins at 6:15 so it's pretty impossible to pick him up, take him home to eat and make it in time. We have purchased him Mickey D's Happy Meal for dinner. Total for the month: $8.00
I can't believe how well we are doing! Dinner has been easy since we have our meals planned each week it's the snacking, lunch (because people at work always want to go eat), Sonic drinks and weekends. However, we have been disciplined and avoided the temptations of eating out!

We realized that we wanted to be able to track our success in "real time" so any time that we have TRULY wanted to eat out enough to make excuses or justifications for it we have immediately put money away into savings. When all is said and done we should still be able to put as much into savings this month as we did prior to Emmy's day care costs!! Whoop!

We have also discussed our plan of action for future months:
  • Only ONE family meal out each month
  • Cash allotment for lunch/snack expenses each week (not to exceed $10 each)
  • Special occasions can be exceptions but not excuses
  • Radley's gymnastics days we will get him dinner, but not ourselves
I must say that although I am extremely proud of us I am totally craving random things like pizza, french fries, Pei Wei and....

only 15 more days until "happy hour!"

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