Tiny Tales Thursday

As you know, Radley turned 3! This excites him very much... mainly because he got a very fun "train table" from Mom and Dad (and Emmy).

About once a day (really all day) he asks if he can go play with this new table. It's like it doesn't really belong to him and he can't get over that he has one... in HIS own house. Goes something like this...

Rad: I go play with my train table, Mommy?
Me: Yes, buddy.
Rad: It's my table, Mommy?
Me: Yes, buddy.
Rad: I got it for my birthday? (in disbelief)
Me: Yes, buddy.
Rad: Five minutes? (he always wants to know how long he can do things)
Me: Buddy, you can play with it all day every day... its yours!
Rad (eyes very large from excitement): Yay!

This morning as we were all leaving the house Radley wanted to know what his after school snack would be.

Rad: You bring me cheese crackers today, Mommy?
Me: Sure, buddy.
Rad: Yay, I LOVE cheese crackers.

Walks a few steps, turns around and adds: Ummm, maybe you should bring me a bowl to eat them in. Thanks.

Where does he get this?!?!

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