Tiny Tales

So Radley is a boy. Clearly he has been a boy for 3 years but he does "boy things" and I love it.

A recent trip to the potty...
Rad: Turn on the fan, Mommy, it's going to be stinky.

A recent lesson from Mommy...
Mom: Rad, are you listening?
Rad: Yes.
Mom: I need you to put your listening ears on.
Rad: with sound effects places each hand next to ear as if "putting on ears" Ktch. Ktch.

A recent bath time with Emmy...
Mom: Rad you want you wash your hair first, or Emmy?
Rad: Emmy, Mommy. Because girls go first and boys go second.
(I LOVE that you can teach chivalry at a young age!!)

Have a happy Thursday!!

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