Happy Monthday...

Happy Three Month Birthday, Emersyn!!

You just insist on getting older, so I guess we will have to let you! This month your personality really began to emerge which makes us happy since you have such an animated brother!

So... what have you been up to this month?

I think it's safe to say that we hit the jackpot with you! You sleep from around 9pm - 7am every day! A few times you've even slept a full 12 hours! Your daddy and I appreciate that very much! You take about 3-4 naps each day and those vary depending on what we are doing and where you are napping. Your favorite place to nap is in the swing in our room and I don't blame you...it looks super cozy!

Your "vocabulary" has really grown this month! ;) You like to "talk"most in the morning and always wake up with a smile. You regularly make "aaaa" and "oooo" sounds and is music to my heart. You are hardly every grumpy and really only "complain" when you are ready for a nap.

You still don't love "tummy time" but too bad because we don't want you to have a flat head! You love your bumbo and really act like you want to sit up which is funny! You are strong enough to go without support for your head when being carried and love to face out and watch everyone.

KK has officially taken over during the day and you love getting attention from her. Your brother can make you smile so easily and he loves to love on you! You look just like your daddy and have us all wrapped around that tiny finger!

Your favorite places to be are your changing table and bouncy chair. You just "march" with your feet and get so excited by your mobile and the sounds. We could leave you there all day and you would be happy (but of course we don't).

You laugh out loud when we tickle you and make funny noises and it is the sweetest sound! You also SNORE when you sleep and believe it or not, that's cute, too!

You really are such a sweet baby and we continue to be thankful for such a wonderful blessing! We love you!

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