I'll tumble for you...

Ever since I was pregnant with Radley I have thought about all the fun activities he would get to do growing up. Would he play tee ball? Soccer? Pee Wee basketball? Gymnastics? or heaven forbid, all of the above?

Well, no sooner did I blink than the time arrived for us to sign him up! He was still one year too young for soccer (because we all know that his Daddy is going to make sure that he plays soccer!) but he was old enough for one of my favorite sports... GYMNASTICS!! :)

We signed him up, along with Kayla, for weekly gymnastics lessons with the caveat that we would take him out if he was too young to enjoy it. Well, let me just say that when Tuesday rolls around Radley KNOWS that he gets to go to "gym-ass-tics".

We pick him up from school and tell him to hurry so we can get to the gym. He and Kayla gather their belongings and rush to the car so we can get to Power Sports on time. Radley always makes sure that there is a spot next to him for Kayla and I just think it is so cute!

You think someone is used to getting his picture taken?

They have so much fun sitting in circle time and stretching. They sing songs, play games, act silly and just get to be a kid!

I am so jealous that I can't join in on the fun. I just know that SOMEWHERE inside of me that I am still able to do a back handspring! I love watching them because I can remember being 3 and 4 years old and taking cheerleading lessons from Suzy Sandhoff as well as at Angela's Dance. It was just so much fun laughing and giggling and getting nothing accomplished but having fun!

He does such a good job at trying everything and listening to what he is being told. I may have to ask these teachers what their tricks are! :) Every time we leave the gym I flash to the future and think about how fast it is all going by. When did he get this old? How can we already be involved in "after school activities"?

I get a glimpse of how good it is going to be in those moments and then I look in my rearview mirror and think about just how great it is right now.

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  1. Ok Katy - like you don't have a vintage photo of yourself with a one Suzie Sandhoff to share in this entry? Cough it up! If you need one, I have one of me with ALL the RHS cheerleaders circa 1986 ... be jealous :)