Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley was PUMPED that his "big Cousin Owen" was coming to town. And even more excited when he actually arrived! We were so proud of him all weekend because he was just so sweet to Owen. Not that he isn't usually a nice kid, but when you are around the same people (ie. Kayla and Caroline) all the time you are bit less inclined to share your toys.

Saturday night we were putting the boys to bed (Owen got to sleep on the trundle) and this conversation happened:

Ryan: Ok, boys let's read a book.
Radley: Here, Owen you can have my football (which is one of his special blankets that he doesn't often want to share).
Ryan: Blah blah blah (reading a book)
Radley: Wait, Daddy. Turn the book so Cousin Owen can see, too.

They must have been worn out because neither one of them moved until 9am the next morning. Finally Ryan went in Radley's room to check on them and Radley was just sitting up in his bed, wide awake.

Ryan: Hey, buddy. Whatcha doin?
Radley: SHHHH. Cousin Owen is sleeping. I wait for him to wake up.

There is no telling how long he was sitting there waiting for "cousin Owen."


Radley had to stay home from school yesterday because he had a fever late Tuesday afternoon. When I picked him up from school I asked if he was okay. His response, "I okay, Mommy. I just have little bit of a cold."

When we got home on Tuesday night he immediately wanted to watch his go to "I'm sick" movie, Cars. We have seen this movie no less than 1000 times but it really never gets old. If you haven't seen it I suggest you watch it!

As he was watching Cars, he had to get out all 57 of his "Car" toys (thank you, GiGi) and scatter them about the family room. When it was time to go to bed we were trying to pick them all up and some had made their way under the couch. Radley was trying to reach them and I asked if he needed help. "No thanks, Mommy. I try get it with my footie."

When did his foot become a footie? :)

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  1. So sweet - Tiny Tales Thursday is my favorite!