Emersyn's Baptism...

We have had an eventful past several days! Emersyn was baptized on Saturday and we had a ton of visitors to mark the special occasion! We were up so late on Friday night to get ready for everyone and it was completely worth it because the weekend was just AWESOME! :) Full recap post to come later (maybe Friday).

For now, I want to remember what a special day Emersyn had on her baptism.

We started the day with some very special guests arriving! The "California" Guercio's were here. Jody is Emmy's Godfather so he couldn't miss the big event and neither could Owen and Sonya! Radley was so excited to see "Big Cousin Owen".

We just took the morning slow and easy and had our usual meal when celebrating a big event in one of our lives.... spaghetti and gravy complete with Caesar salad, fresh bread, meatballs and boiled eggs (yes you read that correctly). DE-LISH! This is a time honored tradition in our family and is becoming one in our friends' lives as well. I can't tell you how good this meal is; you just have to taste and see!

Mom and MaMaw made a killer batch of gravy this time... it was so good in fact that I was a horrible blogger and didn't even take a picture! The table was just so cute, too... we had a picture of Emersyn at each space for our guests to remember the day by.

After lunch the big kids got to play for a while and we opened gifts for Emersyn. She is just a lucky little girl to have such loving friends and family in her life and they all made the day even more special.

We are just so in love with her and could not have been more excited to welcome her into our church and our faith life.

Some of the gifts were full of fun like the giant elephant "rocking horse" from GiGi and Pops (which I L-O-V-E)...

and some were full of sentiment like the special note from Jenni, her Godmother and my best-friend.

After gifts it was time for all of us to get dressed and head up to St. Thomas. Emersyn wore Jody's baptism gown since he is her Godfather. We (well, KK) added a special touch by sewing a piece of lace from my mom's wedding gown to the bottom. KK also made a rosette out of mom's dress fabric as well.

We selected Jody as her Godfather for special reasons. Jody is my oldest brother and has always looked out for me. At times, it was overbearing and fatherly when all I wanted was a brother, but I know that it was done from love and still is to this day. I know that he will cherish and honor the relationship he has with Emersyn because of it and she is very lucky to have him as her "Renee" (pronounced Ree - knee).

Ryan and I were in sort of a conundrum for selecting Godparents....we have no married relatives that are Catholic and although the GPs don't have to be married, it does make it easier for logistical reasons. ;)

However, when I asked Deacon Ted if the GPs had to be Catholic, he told me that only one did. I was so pumped and instantly thought of Jenni. Jenni is as close to a sister as I can get. We have been best-friends since the first grade. I am fully aware of what a blessing it is to have a friendship like ours and hope that she knows just what she means to me. We have seen and done it all and I love her to pieces!

Now, Jenni was raised the opposite of Catholic. She grew up in an Assembly of God church which I LOVE! Every bit of it... the clapping, the singing, the worship... and sometimes would love to clap in our church to get a reaction! :) Jenni knows the love of Jesus and walks with Him each day in her life. I can think of no better woman to serve as a Christian example for my daughter.

The baptismal ceremony was so special. Father Michael married Ryan and I and baptized Radley as well. He holds a special place in our family's life and I am glad that he could be there to baptize Emmy as well.

Jody and Jenni had a special role and will continue to as she grows in her faith.

Emersyn was so content that she fell asleep! This is her and Father after the ceremony. I was trying to hear what he was saying to her, but I'll just let that be a secret between the two of them.

Our family and friends made the day complete! We love you all so much!

And thank you, KK for taking pictures and being there to love and support our kids, too!

Five Generations of women...

And who doesn't want to end such a sweet day with a little bit of silly, too...

For all of you who have baptized yourself in Christ have clothed yourself in Him
Galatians 3:27

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  1. What a wonderful post! I love the group photo. Emmy looks like a perfect gift from God in her gorgeous dress and headband - cuz, well duh she is. Love to all of you!