A CrAfTaStiC weekend...

This weekend was long overdue! My project to do list has been building up since August and I was very close to having a panic attack! So I did what all good Martha Stewart wannabes do and I took the day off on Friday to get a head start!

Friday KK and I updated Emmy's baby book! I have had that book sitting on my table since August 7...and am just now updating it! I vowed that I would keep up with her as much as I kept up with Radley and while it is a little more difficult, I am happy to report that I have done well so far.

I must admit, her cute cheeks are great motivation...

After that was complete, the time had arrived for some major crafting. I can still remember my mom and Ms. Melody turning our dining room into their work space. I feel like they were always working on something as Mindy, Stephanie and I were running in and out of the house. I'm pretty sure my mom still has some unfinished ceramic pieces up in her attic.

With the image of Mom and Ms. Melody hard at work, I got some inspiration and decided to take their lead.

This is what I turned my dining area into:
(and yes, that is an Aggie tackling dummy. We figured with the way things are going we better get Radley ready in case they call on the 12th Man for real!)

My first project was to make a lamp for my office a little more festive.

Step 1: Purchase lamp 25% off at Target:

Step 2: Purchase cute fabric 30% off at Hobby Lobby:

Step 3: Cut fabric in strips and tie around a piece of elastic to create a garland. Attach to lamp and....

My next set of projects were a little more involved. I have decided that I am going to try to make all (well, most) of my Christmas gifts this year. I love putting thought into gifts and I have also discovered that I enjoy getting a little "craftastic" now and then. I read tons of blogs, go shopping in Canton, and should have a frequent buyer card from Etsy... and each time I visit one of these places I find myself saying "I can SOOOO do that".

Well, it was about time I tried! And this little can is my new best-friend...

** Note... if you are on my "too receive" list for Christmas either quit reading or don't be sad if you aren't surprised! ;)**

I purchased these cute metal signs at Hobby Lobby at 50% off which made them $2.00 each! I added some chalkboard paint and then outlined that area in some acrylic paint to give it a pop and they turned out just precious!

I have also turned some old picture frames into chalkboards by removing the glass and painting them with the CB paint, too. I painted the frames different colors and then distressed them to give them a "shabby chic" feel.

As all that paint was drying I made several rosettes (thanks for the tutorial KK) to add as accents.

After all was said and done this is what I ended up with:

I think some people will be very pleased with what Santa brings this year (or at least I hope they will).

And who knows... maybe I will become the next Martha....

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