Reunited and it feels so good...

This is a catch up post about our super fun-filled visit from Jody, Sonya and Owen! We get to see them about 1-3 times each year depending on everyone's schedules and the cost of flights. While I definitely wish the frequency of our visits was much higher, I choose to focus on the time that we DO get to spend together.

Everyone arrived early Saturday morning for Emmy's baptism celebration. Once we had all had our naps and gotten our second wind, we headed out to take family pictures with Sarah. I'm sure you've all figured out by now that I kind of like a picture. I thought that it would be awesome to have all of us together and especially get some of the cousins, grandparents and they kids great-grandma! However, the Texas weather could not have disagreed more as a torrential downpour hit just as we were supposed to shoot!

Instead we ventured to "super mega fun plex" as one of my former students has deemed "Grand Station". A bowling alley/arcade/laser tag/miniature golf extravaganza! We all put on our bowling shoes and played a few frames. Radley and Owen were just adorable to watch and really got into the game. I'm pretty sure they beat me (but in my defense, they had bumpers).

We ended the night back at the house for Radley's first ever sleep over! Owen got to sleep in Radley's trundle and Radley was so excited to have a friend spend the night. This is them before bedtime... Owen was reading Radley a book. :)

Sunday we were headed to our church's fall festival but not before MaMaw could get in some Emersyn time. She loved her in this purple and gold... wonder why!?!? Maybe Emmy will yell "Geaux Tigers" soon!

I don't know who had more fun at Aquinasfest, Radley and Owen playing on all the games or all of us watching them! They got to climb a "volcano"...

Run through a maze...

And Sheriff Woody, I mean Owen, rode a horse. Love how we already taught him how to do the "Gig'em" pose.

Emmy of course was pretty indifferent... she just wanted to get a good nap in the fresh fall air.

Both boys were eager to ride the miniature train, and Owen wanted to make sure that Radley didn't fall out...

After Aquinasfest we headed back to the house for naptime and to get ready for family pictures, take two! The weather was GORGEOUS and it worked out perfectly. We all headed up the George Bush Library to smile big for Sarah.

I love this picture of Radley and Pops... it's like Radley hadn't seen him in years when it had really been about 20 minutes. :)

Sonya got in some cuddle time while we were waiting...

And Uncle Pete was good entertainment while Sarah was taking pictures of "couples".

I can not wait to see the pictures! Sarah did a great job with our group and made sure that we were all smiling, the "Guercio" chin was in check, and that fly away hairs were at a minimal. I am trying to not pester her for a sneak peak, but we will see how long that lasts.

The weekend was just great! Oh how I wish we could spend more time all together, but we will all be together again soon! Until then... we love you "California Guercio's"! See you soon!

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