Pumpkins and Pizza...

We've created a little tradition with our friends, the Bailey's. They are big fans of Halloween and I think they are trying to convert me into becoming a fan as well. (I don't really love dressing up... I know, I know.. buzzkill.)

Well, for the past three years we have carved pumpkins together and this year the kids were ready to get after it!

This was Radley and Kayla last year:

And this is them now:

I can't believe how much they have grown!! Last year we worked hard at getting them into carving, but this year they were ready to go for it...

It's so fun watching them grow up but it makes me sad to realize how quickly it goes by. Radley is becoming a little "mini me" to Ryan and wants to help him do everything. I love watching them together and I love hearing Radley ask Ryan how to do things. He loves his Daddy so much and that just makes my heart so happy!

Emmy wanted in on some of the action, too... but she was just a little too small to scoop anything out this year. She of course had fun just sitting there... makes me wonder what she will be like next year

I'm sure that she will follow her big brother around and try to do everything just like him. As much as I can't wait to watch that; I am absolutely content just remembering this moment.

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  1. I cannot believe what a mini me Radley is. You guys are like the same person, it's freaking me out! Love it!