Tiny Tales Thursday

I feel like Radley has been extra funny this week but for the life of me can't think of a story to share!

One of my favorite things that he does is use the phrase "too much" instead of saying "a lot".

Me: Radley, do you want some chocolate milk?
Rad: I not want a little, Mommy. I want TOO MUCH, chocolate milk. Too much!

Rad: Can I have ketchup, Mommy? Not a little... TOOO much!


Radley recently decided to sing a long with a popular song on the radio...

"Hey- yo, Sister. I not want a miss ya. Hey, to Sister...."


Today we went to see Dr. Henderson for Radley and Emersyn's 3 year and 4 month well-checks, respectively. Being the chivalrous little man that he is, Radley gladly let Emmy go first. He watched as they checked her height, weight, eyes, ears, etc... It was his turn next and he wanted to show what a "big boy" he was for Emmy. He also got weighed and measured...

  • Weight: 30.4 pounds; 25th - 50th percentile
  • Height: 36 1/2 inches: 25th percentile
  • Head circumference: 50 1/2 cm; 50th percentile
He did great and we are so lucky to have such a healthy little boy! After he was done the nurse came back in to give Emmy her shots and Radley quickly said, "I not want my baby sister to get shots, Mommy." KK and I then asked him if he wanted to get shots instead. He quickly let us know that Emmy could proceed as planned.


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