Tiny Tales Thursday

We had an eventful weekend. On Thursday, one of our friend's Mom was in the hospital (she's okay now). On Friday, KK got into a car accident. On Saturday GiGi went to the ER (she is also just fine).

So on Monday we had to do some shuffling of the cars so that KK could have a vehicle to pick up the kids from daycare. Luckily, we are a "three car family" (I like to say that, but it just means that we have 2 cars that no one wants to buy and 1 car that actually runs well). Car shuffling meant that I got to drive Radley to school. Since this isn't normal for him, he had some questions...

Rad: Daddy not drive me to school to day, Mommy?
Me: No, buddy. Mommy is going to take you.
Rad: Okay.
Rad: Why?
Me: KK, got in an accident so she needs to drive Mommy's car.
Rad: What happened?
Me: Well, KK accidentally hit a car and then another car hit KK, but she's ok.
Rad: Okay, Mommy.

He proceeds to think about this a little bit...I drink my coffee.

Rad: In a very demanding voice... TWO HANDS, Mommy. You don't want to crash!

I didn't know that I was in driver's ed... apparently I have a lot to learn.

So after school, KK picked Radley up as usual on Monday.

Rad: KK, you had an accident?
KK: Yes.
Rad: Why.
KK: Well, we were just going to fast and a car hit KK.
Rad: Oh.

Rad thinking some more...

Rad: Your wheels fall off like Lightening McQueen?

Yes, buddy. Just like Lightening. :)

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