A "Puffy" shirt....

You know that "perfect outfit" or favorite article of clothing that you seem to always reach for? Everyone has one; in fact, I have had several in all my seasons of life.

In the first grade it was these khaki shorts, a white shirt and a hot pink cardigan (I was stylish before my time).

In the third grade it was a pink mini-skirt and a white shirt with a tiger image in silver and pink.

In the seventh grade it was this AWFUL outfit from the County Seat that was black shorts with cuffs. The cuffs had colorful stripes on them in pink, orange, white, black, maybe some yellow and a matching sleeveless hooded shirt with the same striped pattern.

In the eighth grade it was definitely my green Girbaud jeans, green Girbaud gingham shirt, with white socks and my green and tan Dexters.

Side note... is anyone else bothered by the fact that the fashion from 1992 is suddenly back in style? Stir-up pants were NEVER a good idea. And please don't get me started on the zipper ankle jeans...

High school varied... probably something that was too large because when I was skinny and physically fit I didn't even think about "showing it off". Hmmph. I do remember picking out "the perfect outfit" for the first day of school each year. (And sadly remember every single one).

Now it's either a dress or my trouser jeans and a flowing top to hide all this "extra" that my sweet precious daughter gave me as a parting gift after her nine month stay.

Radley has also had some choice articles of clothing at his young age. Last year, it was his "grey shorts"...

He wanted to wear them over EVERYTHING! (And who could resist a smile like that?)

Right now it is his "puffy shirt". Or, also known in these parts as a "wife beater", "WT", or tank top. Not sure why he decided on "puffy shirt". Maybe because of the ridges. Maybe he is a musical genius and already understands the impact that P. Diddy (formerly known as Puffy formerly known as Puff Daddy formerly known as Sean Combs) has had on fashion and wants to grow up and become a "mogul" as well.

He is obsessed with these things. He wants to wear one every. single. day. We have compromised that he can wear them under his other shirts and for now he is okay with that. I was surprised the other day when I picked him up from school and he had on cargo shorts and a "puffy shirt". I guess he sweet talked some teachers into letting him change.

He also managed to talk Ryan into letting him wear one to Lowe's the other day. But we figured there would be plenty of men in "puffy shirts" there... some even with large beer belly's, so he wouldn't stand out too much.

I, admittedly, get a giggle out of these phases in his life and wonder what is next to come. As much as I will never understand the "why" of his fascination... it really doesn't matter when it puts that perfect smile on his face.

Okay...off to bed and to put on my other favorite outfit.

Black, stretchy pants. ;)

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