Small town, BIG excitement...

A lot of my friends ask why I stayed in College Station after college. I always tell them the same things:

1. Ryan and I consider this our "home"
2. It's a great place to raise a family
3. I love my job and for what I do, Texas A&M is one of the best in the "business"
4. It may be small, but we "really do have all the things that a big city can offer. And if we don't Austin, Dallas, Houston, etc... are just a short drive away."

WELL.... Tuesday night proved that College Station may be the "smallest town" in America! :) What was the big event in town that night?

Was it a speech from a well-known politician? No
Did we have a celebrity siting? No
Was their a grueling trial going on? Ha!

So what was all the fuss about....


The King family did receive an exclusive invitation for the event. If by exclusive you mean 3000 of our nearest and dearest friends! I wish I would have taken a picture of the parking lot. You would have thought that Elvis himself was making an appearance! HA!

KK, Emmy and I did have a lot of fun walking up and down the aisles, tasting samples and running into a few College Station friends. Some people even got babysitters for the special occasion!!

Emmy loved all the bright lights, music and people.

Mommy and KK loved the free samples of beer and wine! :)

The band did some pretty good cover songs and some people were even dancing along.

I must admit that I am pretty pumped about this store. It is literally down the road, easy access to our house and has some great new products and amenities! My favorite thing about this week are the RIDICULOUSLY low prices on some of my favorite products....

Power Cooking may go to a whole new level now! :)

Emmy loved it! She's super excited about our future shopping trips!