We did it...

And survived!!

That's right the King's made it a full 30 days without eating out! And you know what? It wasn't that bad! In fact, I kind of like the fact that I didn't waste money on something I didn't really "need".

It made me think about all the other things that I don't need...
  • Another embroidered onesie for Emersyn
  • Another car toy for Radley
  • Another pair of flip flops
  • Another random item from Target
  • Another magazine subscription
  • Another pedicure
  • Another round of golf for Ryan (quit groaning, boys)
  • Another....
And while this may sound drastic, it's true. What do I NEED?
  • A good prayer life
  • A husband that loves me
  • Healthy, happy children
  • Supportive family and friends
  • A passion for my job
  • The ability to give back to others
So often I get the "I wants." You know what I'm talking about. It doesn't have to be something major like... I want a new car, I want a new house, etc... It can be something as simple as wanting a new set of tupperwear. I am guilty of envying others for what they have and sometimes forget to think about what I have been given.

So today, friends... I am going to share the "I haves"...
  • Jesus. He loves me and I am His... what a blessing!
  • Ryan. He loves me and I am his!!! :)
  • Radley. A joy! A delight! A little stinker at times but always a ray of sunshine!
  • Emersyn. Our baby girl. Happy. Healthy. Content. Even when she wanted to be awake at 3am today (something she hasn't done since she was 5 weeks old) I paused to be grateful for that moment with her.
  • Mom and Dad. They love me all the time and support me in whatever it is I choose to do! Hope I can be as good to Rad and Emmy as they were to me!
  • Siblings. What fun we had growing up and still have to this day.
  • Friends. The best in the world! Love each and every moment I have shared with them.
  • A job that challenges me. I am sure many of you are laughing because you hear me on my "I hate work" days... but it's not the work that creates frustration. I adore the students I get to meet and interact with and watch grown and change. I have gotten to witness them accomplish their dreams and become these amazing adults! They inspire me daily!
  • A home. Our home is hopefully not just a haven for us, but a welcome comfort to friends and guests that walk through our door.
  • An ice cream addiction. It's true. Love it.
  • Much more than I can possibly recognize and keep you reading!
I guess this 30 day challenge taught me more than I anticipated. Maybe I'll make this a frequent post... sharing what I have and what I'm thankful for. Niki does this a lot and I love reading her tidbits and she often reminds me to stop and take a look around at what I have been given.

I didn't anticipate this post heading in this direction today. It was going to be filled with funny comments about our victory but I'm glad it went this way instead. Good reminder that someone else has it all figured out for me. That more than anything I have Him to provide for me whatever it is that I NEED. Which is so much more than whatever I could possibly want...

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  1. YES! A shoutout! I love it. And I love YOU! I knew you could rock this challenge.