Friday Night Lights

Fall Friday nights in Texas mean one thing.... high school football. All over this great state small and big towns alike are lit up by stadium lights! The sounds of crickets and frogs are over shadowed by the roar of a crowd, kids are playing cup ball, teenagers are holding hands in the stands, and they all come together to support their hometown heroes.

Last Friday we went to the "Cross Town Showdown"; the annual football game between A&M Consolidated HS and Bryan HS.

We were rooting for the Tigers of College Station, who luckily are maroon & white, colors that we have in mass! Now, while most of what I stated at the beginning of this post is true.... man oh man how some things have changed!

Ryan and Josh immediately noted that tickets were a little outrageous at $9.50! This game is played in Kyle Field, so I can understand charging more for this event, but WOW... I think a Robinson Season Pass is just $20 total!!

Cindy and I noticed several things...

1. Teenage girls dress a little too scandously for our liking. We noted that Caroline, Annaliese, and Emersyn would NEVER wear what some of these "kids" had on.... or should I say DIDN'T have on. Clearly Cindy and I NEVER left the house looking like that. (Promise, Mom!)

2. Schools have forgotten the lost art of a break through sign. For those of you who aren't familiar with a break through sign let me show you:

A break through sign is a giant sign made from butcher paper and hand painted with a funny slogan/trash talking phrase directed at the opposing team that the football team would run and "break through" before the game! The RHS Spiritleaders painted a new one (sometimes two) each week just for the game!

Now, these kids have this...

So sad.

3. Bands are still super fun to watch! :)

4. Games are a lot more fun when you are either cheering in a cute little uniform:

(Please click on this picture to see how my scanner distorted our faces!! Too funny! HA!)

playing in the band, dancing with the drill team, sitting in the stands with friends, or watching from your couch. You don't even realize a game is going on when you have one 3 year old, one 2 year old, one 1 year old, and one 4 month old with you!

But they are pretty cute....

5. Popcorn makes everything better.

6. You can leave at half-time now and no one will judge you. (See #4).

I made some great memories on "Friday Nights" growing up. I can still smell the "season". I can still feel the excitement and fun that we all had. I hope those things remain the same. I hope those things never change and I look forward to many "Friday Nights" to come!

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  1. We almost took Wesley, but he was too tired and grumpy. So I might take him back to an LG game...where they still break through butcher paper! And I couldn't agree more...I can still smell the season, and yes it's much more fun from the band stands.